The proof of a vivid relationship is disagreements and fights, but sometimes the two parties fail to come to common grounds. Of course every married couple fights, but there are some things that you can say which can make things better during an argument.

When a married couple fights, one of them might say things out of anger, that they'd regret later on. So, be careful what you say during an argument with your husband, and don't let the heat of the moment take over. Yes, you can have a constructive fight, and here are seven things to say to your husband during an argument.

1. Please try to understand my point of view.

Listening to one another is the number one rule to survive any problem in a relationship, but unfortunately we usually listen to come back with a better answer to win the situation, not to actually listen!  Ask your husband to stop looking for answers for a second and to actually listen to you and try to understand your point of view. The same thing goes to you.

2. This is our problem together, not your problem alone.

This phrase is actually one of the good ways you can calm your husband with. In the middle of a fight, try to make him remember that this problem and this fight is affecting you both, and that both of you should be able to handle and to solve together.

3. You don’t have to solve the problem… I just want you to listen to me!

Women like to talk about their problems so they can feel better, and not all men understand that. So it’s very important that you let your husband know that all you need is him to listen, and that he’s not there to solve any problem.

4. We are talking off subject.

Sometimes, the problem with arguments is they turn one small issue into a bigger one, by mentioning other related topics, and the situation becomes disastrous. Make sure you don’t drift away, and that you come back to the core problem to solve it. That's why you can tell him that during an argument to stay focused.

5. I love you.

During an argument with your husband, tell him "I love you." Remind him that you love him; the word (love) is enough to make things easier to handle. It reminds both of you that this problem is just passing through, and that your love is stronger.

6. Let’s talk somewhere else.

Make sure you never fight in front of your children or publicly in front of strangers. Always move to somewhere private and safe to talk, without anyone interfering between you two. Also, fighting in front of your children will only hurt them psychologically.

7. Let’s end this argument now!

This is one of the best things to say to your husband during an argument. Why? The worst kind of fights between married couples is postponed fights, because you usually take out every accumulated feeling to the other party. So the best way to solve any problem, is to deal with it on time to end any argument, and then make up to make sure you're starting a new page!