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How to Not Fight With Your Husband If You're Both Stuck at Home

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3/15/20, 12:00 AM

Married life is usually busy when you both have a lot responsibilities and a busy work life, so you only get to see each other for a few hours before it's bedtime. However, when on some occasions you spend a lot more time together alone at home, things heat up and not in a good way. 

These days a lot of us have been stuck at home, due to the global health crisis and storms, which could lead to couples fighting constantly. So, if you're stuck at home with your spouse and you're constantly on edge, what is there to do to relieve the tension?

Here are some ideas and practices on how to stop fighting with your husband if you're stuck at home together:

1. Separate from each other 

Of course, we mean a physical separation. Take an hour or 2 to sit in separate rooms, each have some alone time and do you own thing. 

2. Binge watch a TV show together

Nothing passes the time like going through a full season on Netflix in one day. It will distract you, get you invested in something else and you'll have something interesting to discuss after you're done!

This is a list of the best Netflix shows that will have you binging all night...

3. Movie Marathon


Go back to your favorite film series, like Harry Potter, Start Wars or Lord of the Rings and have a movie marathon night, cuddling and drowning in homemade caramel popcorn. It's really difficult to fight when popcorn is involved. 

4. Have sex

Yes. Sex. A wonderful thing that will make it quite impossible for you to fight. It is actually sometimes used by couples as a way to prevent fighting or make up after one. It will help boost the dopamine levels and release a lot of tension. 

5. Get creative with sex

You finally have a lot of time together. So why not celebrate the fact that it doesn't have to be a quickie on a weekday night and actually take your sweet time and get creative with sex. Try the things you've always wanted to try but never got the chance. Try sex games, role play and new sex positions

6. Learn to cook together


Have some time on your hand? Need a distraction from fighting? Get cooking! You probably need to eat anyways, so why not open up some recipes online and learn to cook or bake something new together? You will be focused on the process that you'll forget that he/she is getting on your nerves. 

This crepe recipe is winner for so many people and it's so easy!

7. Couples Yoga 


Yes. It exists and it can be so fun. You probably need to get some exercise in, so why not make it fun, relaxing and kind of sexy. You'll find yourselves laughing, enjoying the workout and feeling so much better. There are a lot of fun positions to try, just make sure you warm up first and don't hurt yourselves. 

Yoga can be really good for sex as well, you have to see these poses.

8. Play board games

Take the conflict and put it somewhere else. Getting competitive can be a bit risky, but if you do fight, it will be silly game fighting and not actual fighting, at least we hope so. Check out some really cool fun game ideas here

9. Exercise together 

Fighting is built up energy, anger and irritation, so you need something to let that energy out. So, try working out together to release all that negative energy and gain a more positive one. 

10. Make your own book club of 2

Get two copies of a book, sit together and read It quietly. This can be so relaxing. You can discuss it together when you finish a chapter and even motivate each other to keep reading by checking how far the other person has gotten.

11. Meditate! Yes we're serious...

Why not practice meditation together? First of all, it will definitely get rid of the fighting and relieve any anger. Second, it's really good for you and will help you both feel better throughout the day. Here are some apps to help you meditate. 

12. Fix what's broken...literally

You know these 10 things that need fixing in the house that you both were avoiding doing for the longest time, because frankly you didn't even have the time to do it...Well now's the time! Start fixing the things that need fixing around the house. Changing things at home usually boosts the moods and gives off the 'fresh start' vibe that will definitely help with your annoyance with each other. 

13. Fix what's broken...figuratively 

Or you can make use of the long hours and actually sit together to analyze and see why the hell you can't stop fighting. We all know it's partially because you're not used to being stuck at home together for a long time, but sometimes there's another underlying reason. Maybe if you figure it out and resolve it, things will cool down. 

14. Don't take this time for granted

Remind each other than you would actually kill for this time together when you're both busy and stuck work, barely having time to yourselves. Do the things you always said you wanted to do together at home, but never got the chance.


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