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Apple Crepe Recipe

Nada Allam
7/25/13, 12:00 AM

After the first few weeks of Ramadan, the kunafas and atayefs have made their fair share of appearances. It's time to go different and get a bit more creative with your desserts, and so we thought we'd bring to you apple crepes. It really is a simple and fast way to make some dessert for your friends and family.

What you will need:  Serving for 8 people

4 Eggs

1 Cup of water

1 Cup of milk

2 Cups of flour

Butter (a lot of it)

5 Apples


1/2 Cup of sugar 

1 Tea spoon of Vanilla Extract



1. Let's start off by preparing the batter for the crepe. Mix the eggs, water, and milk in a bowl first. Once they are fully mixed, and bubbles form, add the flour and six table spoons of melted butter. Mix thoroughly until batter is creamy and has a beige color. Refrigerate it while you make the apple sauce. 

2. Time for the apple sauce. Peel the apples and dice them into very small cubes. 

3. Once you're done with the chopping, leave the apple cubes aside for a few minutes, so you can prepare the filling. Combine two table spoons of butter and sugar in a pan and mix them together for a minute.

4. Now add the apples you peeled and diced to the sauce you made in step 3. Stir for a few minutes, then cover the pot and leave it to cook over medium heat for around eight minutes.

5. After the eight minutes, uncover the pot and continue to stir for another 10 minutes. After a while the mixture will begin to boil, at that point add the tea spoon of vanilla extract and pinch of salt, stir then leave it to cool down aside.

6. This step isn't necessary but I came to realize that a lot of people like this added caramel taste, so you can make a small portion and leave it aside for whoever needs it. You can make the caramel sauce by combining three cups of sugar and one cup of water in a sauce pan and stir continuously over medium heat until mixture turns golden and creamy.

7. Time to make the crepe. Melt one table spoon of butter in a pan and spread it all around. 

8. Using a ladle, fill it with batter and pour it evenly onto the pan. Cook it for a few minutes on low heat and be sure to flip it. 

9. Once the crepes are done, assemble them on a flat surface. It's time to fill them up.

10. Using a spoon, remove the softened apples from the sauce you made in step 5 and place them in the middle of the crepes. Once you divided the apples among all the crepes, fold each of the crepes into rolls.

11. Once they are all rolled, place them next to each other in a serving dish. Pour the remaining sauce over the rolls of crepe and you can add some caramel to it also. 

12. Serve the crepe with some vanilla ice cream and you're good to go. 


Nada Allam

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