So I came across this post on Ebay of a list of things that money can’t buy. Well, I beg to differ.

1. You can buy love

I don’t know where you’ve been living, but money can definitely buy you love. What is “love”? It’s a mutual feeling between two people agreeing on a certain lifestyle. With money, you can find love because you can find love in places that you couldn’t have gone before. And if not, you can pay someone to marry you and they’ll love you forever and you can love them too. Just depends on how lazy you are.

2. You can buy lost time

Money can definitely buy you plane tickets. And trust me, you can travel the world, meet people, connect with others, tell them you love them and do all that cheesy shit you think you’d do but never did. Or, if you are just dreading lost time because you could have met new people or just reconnect with others, join a social media network – it will cost you an internet connection, which needs money.

3. You can fund (or buy) happy, well-adjusted kids

Well, that depends on your upbringing and beliefs. But I’ll tell you one thing. Money will buy your kids the best schools and the best tutors. You’ll be able to buy them the things that you feel are right for them and deprive them of the things that you don’t want to expose them to.

4. You can buy acceptance

Well, yes, money can get you a lot of things that will get a lot of people wanting to be part of your circle and be accepted by them. But you can still achieve true acceptance and really care for people, be truthful, down to earth and everything else. You’ll be able to give to the poor and take care of your community and that is acceptance for you.

5. You can buy health

While health is definitely a major debate here, money can buy you the best medical treatment. Look at it from a different point of view: It’ll buy you the main necessities for your medical health. So thank your lord you can afford your medicine and surgeries. A lot of people can’t get antibiotics for their colds because they just cant afford it.

6. You can buy success

Really? Money can buy you a lot of successful businesses. And through them, you can hire other successful people to drive your success. You can buy success everywhere in the world in every street and on every corner.

7. You can buy talent

Contrary to popular belief, talent is developed. Nobody is born a musician, a good soccer player, or a computer programmer. All these things are a result of the right exposure to the right education, practice and iteration. Money can buy you education and if you have enough money, you can develop any talent that you please.

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