The Pisces Woman

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2/27/20, 12:00 AM

The Pisces woman is gentle, romantic, compassionate and has a spiritual side. She’s mystical, poetic and you need to be careful when it comes to handling her emotions as she’s quite sensitive. The Pisces woman is caring, mysterious and has a very vivid mind. She’s always looking for a deeper meaning for life.

The Pisces woman likes to observe the feelings and actions of the people around her. She knows what motivates her and you’ll often find her expressing her inner passions and emotions through art.

Pisces Dates: 

February 20 ­- March 20



Pisces Compatibility: 

Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio

Not Compatible with Pisces: 

Aries, Gemini and Leo



Best Characteristics of the Pisces: 

Imaginative, Kind, Compassionate, Selfless, Intuitive

Worst Traits of the Pisces

Idealistic, Weak-willed, Too Sensitive, Pessimistic, Lazy

Motto of the Pisces: 

"I believe, therefore I Am”

Pisces Woman Love and Dating

The Pisces woman is charming, soft and feminine, but she’s not easy to fool. If you’re in a relationship with a Pisces woman, you better be straight forward because instead of her confronting you, she’ll simply disappear. You have to be gentle to her, and don’t tease her too often or she’ll feel like she’s being rejected.

The Pisces woman is very romantic and she will often lose herself in the relationship. She’s very feminine, which makes her very appealing to men. She’s relaxed and laid­-back, easy going and sensitive to the needs of others. Don’t take advantage of her giving nature!

Pisces Woman and Marriage

A Pisces woman takes time to decide who will she marry as she has to be absolutely sure that this person is suitable for her. Once she finds her real love, she will do everything to make him happy. The man who will marry Pisces woman is considered one of the luckiest men because she'll always work on their relation to maintain a happy and stable married life. She is a person who doesn't fight and prefers to solve any problem that occurs.

Pisces Woman and Sex

The Pisces woman cares so much about sex, she believes that sex is an important thing for showing real love for her partner.  she can never have sex if she is angry towards her husband. If she is in love with her partner, she gives him all her energy and is open to trying many new things with him.

Pisces Woman and Motherhood

The Pisces woman is so affectionate and a loving person, so she cares so much of her children and gives them all the love she can give. She does not think about herself as much as her little ones, she gives up everything for the sake of her children without regretting.

Pisces Woman and Work

The Pisces woman doesn’t do well as a leader as she lacks self-discipline. She’s very good when it comes to anything artistic, whether it’s writing, poetry, music or even directing movies. The Pisces woman usually uses her creative skills and the ability of understanding of people to inspire others. She has tons of potential but never attains the degree of fame she can possibly achieve, because she often doubts herself. If she was to limit that habit, she could become a great leader.

Pisces Woman and Money 

Handling money well is not really a strong suit for a Pisces woman, unless she plans really well. She is often impractical and can find herself making financial decisions based on emotion rather than logic. Pisces women should always be careful of those who try to defraud her or convince her to spend money on things that are in their interest and not in her's.

Pisces Woman and Friends

The Pisces woman is one of the most loyal friends you’ll ever have. She’ll get involved in her friends’ problems in an attempt to solve them and often thinks of these problems as her own. The Pisces woman is attracted to people with severe problems, and this is where she feels like she can add lots of value. She needs a strong and positive friend to lead the way and make her feel appreciated. The Pisces woman likes adventures and social events, she always has something exciting up her sleeves and needs someone to tag along and that is what she calls a long-lasting friendship.

Pisces Woman and Fashion

The Pisces woman likes to feel comfortable in whatever she wears and usually goes for feminine clothes, such as silk and soft fabrics. She loves shimmer and would wear jewelry in unexpected places such as anklets and brooches. The Pisces woman is flexible when it comes to fashion and doesn’t necessarily follow trends. She can get away with pretty much anything, even at times when she goes for dramatic outfits. The Pisces woman loves primary colors and styles that suit her personality.

What gifts to buy for Pisces Woman?

Pisces women love super romantic gifts, like a bouquet along with a handwritten poem. A Pisces woman loves anything beautiful and can really appreciate it. Anything that that expresses your love and care for her will mean the world to her. Just show her that you support and love her.


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