Pisces is one of the most confusing horoscope signs; although their qualities are very attractive, their downsides are a little bit worrying. But what we’re sure of, is that Pisces people are very kind, and they have the biggest hearts. So let’s break down the Pisces character in a few points.

1. Pisces are very sentimental like Cancers and emotional like Scorpios, their water sign buddies.

2. You’ll find a Pisces always understanding to people who struggle.

3. Pisces is one of the few signs who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

4. But beware, because Pisces has one of the worst tempers.

5. They’re very realistic, they know that everything must come to an end, so you’ll always find a Pisces helping people go through changes.

6. This means that Pisces is comfortable and flexible with changes.

7. They’re always trying to go through a new experience, which makes it very hard to pin down a Pisces.

8. Are you looking for a wonderfully magical friend? Then go get yourself a Pisces, they’re always looking through rose-colored glasses.

9. But Pisces have a hard time making a decision, they over-think all the aspects of a problem which makes it hard on them.

10. They’re also very patient, they’ll forgive you several times, but once they’re done, you’ve lost them forever. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @oliviapalermo

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