The year 2019 is coming to an end and we’re starting to round-up its highlights starting with food! Who doesn’t love talking about -or eating- food? And from what we heard, Egyptians LOVE munching on very unusual food at surprising times! If you’re thinking of pizza or fast food, you’ll be as shocked as we were when we heard what their favorite midnight snack is. We got our hands on many exciting insights on what types of food people ordered the most in 2019 through Uber Eats and some of these results had us amazed, so read along to find them all out.

Breakfast in 2019 was all about…


Coffee! I think we all would agree that we cannot live without it for breakfast, which is why it’s one of the most ordered things through Uber Eats in the mornings.

And of course, pastries and baked food along with Foul & Falafel were on the top 3 list too for everyone’s 2019 breakfast.

What did everyone order for lunch in 2019?


Fast foods, pizza and desserts take the cake with this one! Nothing like carbs and sugar to help you survive the rest of the day. Right?

What’s for dinner then?


Ice-cream!!! Starting 7 pm people didn’t really order food that much, but ice-cream instead! I agree 100% that it’s the best way to end the day.

2019’s midnight cravings winners are…


Ice-cream. Koshary, and sweet croissants. WOW!! I would’ve never guessed that midnight snacks in Egypt meant sweets with a side of koshary. But to be honest, you can never say no to koshary or ice-cream anytime, anywhere. Right?

Serious weekdays & fun weekends?


Weekdays vs. weekends, when it comes to food are very different! Because everyone wanted to be healthy during weekdays eating healthy options like grilled foods, and of course breakfast and their morning coffee. However, come the weekend, it’s letting loose and indulging in burgers, fried chicken and desserts.

What does everyone eat in gatherings & groups?

Here comes the classic foods that no Egyptian can refuse, shawerma, foul & falafel, and koshary again! Everyone adores these staple dishes and it’s what everyone ordered in 2019 for fun gatherings.

What is it that you order throughout the day? Do you agree with these choices? I personally relate so much with the ice-cream midnight cravings and morning coffee. What will you be ordering from Uber Eats in 2020?

All Images are courtesy of Uber Eats