Looking for Ways to Style Your Tote Bags? Here Are Some Simple Styling Hacks!
Mariam Youssef
11/16/22, 3:00 PM

What do you think of tote bags at first glance? While many people might believe tote bags are only appropriate for casual attire, they are much more versatile than you might expect! Tote bags never fail to complete any outfit, be it edgy high fashion or bohemian chic. Despite the iconic slouchy canvas tote, they have now returned in more sophisticated and innovative styles. That said, we’ll show you several ways to style tote bags differently.

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Casual Chic Outfits

Let's get back to the basics, shall we? It makes sense to use a traditional Canvas tote for casual attire. We all know that wearing a tote bag involves more than just picking one up randomly in the morning. Tote bags subtly stand for a way of life that is carefree and spontaneous. You may always pair items in freestyle for a laid-back look to complement the vibes. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular casual chic outfits is a plain T-shirt with a pair of thin jeans and a pair of sneakers. You can also dress casually for the occasion by rocking an oversized shirt and a sloppy high bun. Styling a tote bag with any of these outfits will be an excellent addition.

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Feminine Design

The answer to the question "Can you look feminine in a tote bag?" is a huge, gigantic YES! Tote bags have evolved much recently, and you can easily find some adorable designs. Go for a delicate colored tote bag in cream white, pastel pink, lavender, or mint green. Carrying a chic, white tote already gives your appearance a feminine touch. A lace tote is another beautiful option; more girls are embracing this style lately, and this is such a clever way to spruce up the whole look!

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Straw Tote Bag for Care-Free Looks

Straw gives the tote a much more substantial appearance than canvas does, but straw also gives the bag a more summery feel. You just cannot complete the appearance of a casual vacation without a pretty straw tote bag. This is how you appear easy, comfortable, and stylish on those beach vacations, paired with a long, loose-fitting dress and a pair of lace ballet flats!

Faux Leather for Classy Looks

Can you carry a tote bag and still look sophisticated? Absolutely! The faux leather tote bag is the ideal daily laptop bag for work. This purse can pull off the look for a corporate meeting or a casual date night. However, being classy doesn’t need to be boring. Change from the traditional rectangle tote to a tulip bag for an extra punch of color; some even have an as-symmetrical design.

Animal Prints for Diva Looks

Given that our animal print tote bag is already distinctive, we should keep our ensemble minimal and structured to prevent coming across as tacky. A black biker jacket with combat boots may always bring a feeling of edginess to your modern-chic attire for a coordinated appearance! Styling an animal print tote bag with this outfit will surely make you look like a diva.

Eye-Catching Quotes for Street Style

Many girls always choose a canvas tote with witty or sarcastic quotes on it. This is really such a great chance for us to be creative! Once again, you should wear casual clothing with this tote. We imagine every girl can relate to such quotes. Well, at least you can show off your "My Chanel is at home" tote because you can't currently afford a Chanel purse!

Boho Outfits

A tote is necessary to complete a traditional boho outfit in addition to a floaty dress, gladiator shoes, and feather earrings. A tote bag in the bohemian design merely gives your clothing more personality and amplifies the unique and exotic vibes. It just seems so unique, whether you want the patchwork or the fringe tote!

Go Monochromatic with Your Tote

Your physique will visually appear taller and slimmer thanks to the harmony of the colors of the monochromatic look. A neutral tote bag is always flattering, so wear it with a monochromatic outfit to maximize the illusion. You might use texture in new and different ways to brighten up the appearance and reflect confidence. To achieve a high-fashion look, choose elegant fabrics like silk, satin, and wool rather than more casual ones like cotton.

Tell us honestly, how many tote bags do you have? Do you know different ways to style them? Share them with us and let us know how to make tote bags stand out in any outfit.

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