To complete the series on knowing the best accessories for all body shapes, we began with the best accessories for apple and pear body shapes and are now on to the best accessories for the hourglass body shape. Everything, from what to wear to what to avoid, will be covered. Here are the hourglass body type: which accessories are best for you and how do you choose them. 

How to Know What Your Body Shape Is

Here’s a Quick Rundown of the Hourglass Body’s Features:

The hourglass body shape is naturally balanced with a defined waist. The key to wearing things that fit this body shape is to follow its natural shape by balancing the upper and lower body in proportion to accentuate the waist.

  • The shoulders are rounded slightly, and the legs are proportional to the upper body.
  • The chest and hips are both the same width.
  • The waist is defined as being small.
  • Weight gain is usually distributed evenly throughout the body.

An important tip: always maintain the natural balance that your body provides.

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Let's Begin with Bags: Which Is Best for Your Hourglass Body Shape?

best bag for hourglass body shape

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Styling an hourglass body shape is actually very simple because most things work very well on it. However, keep in mind that the size of your bag must still be proportional to your body proportions. It is possible to have an hourglass body shape, but have a longer torso than legs, or vice versa. You can also be curvy and have an hourglass figure! 

It makes no difference if you are a tall, short, or curvy hourglass. Whatever you are, you should focus on your best feature, which is your defined waist.

Best bags for you: Anything, as long as it complements your body and figure. 

  • Tall women should use extra-large bags.
  • Petite women should choose smaller to medium-sized bags because extra-large bags will add weight to your figure.

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Moving on to the Next Topic, Shoes: What Shoes Are Best for an Hourglass Figure?

best shoes for hourglass figure

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Hourglass body types can wear pointed heels with rounded toes to balance the upper and lower body, but they can also wear slim, elegant high heels to balance the overall vertical proportions.

An hourglass figure must naturally accentuate the feminine frame. Try casual-inspired designs in the morning, such as versatile loafers in neutral colors.

Avoid: Shoes that are too big and chunky, as well as shoes with very high heels, which can sometimes make your movements difficult. 

Let’s Get To the Flashy Jewelry, the Best Jewelry for Hourglass Body Shape

best jewelry for hourglass body shape

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The hourglass body type has similar hip and shoulder width as well as a narrow waist. So you want to emphasize the chest area to create a nice balance between the waist and chest. 

Best accessories: A large necklace with a slight drop that ends around your chest or a pair of dangling earrings can be used at the point of your neck to create the nice balance that you want. This works because the earrings draw attention to your shoulder. 

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Now, on to the Belts. How To Pick the Best Belts for an Hourglass Body

best belt for hourglass body shape

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When balancing the hourglass figure, pay close attention to the position of the belt; choose a width that is medium to wide. 

Whether you're wearing a cute suit or a cute dress, the belt should be a little higher above your natural waist to accentuate your curves without touching your hips. Belts that are too close to your lower half will not create the desired balance. 

Finally, for the Finishing Touch to Your Outfit, What Scarves Look Good on an Hourglass Figure?

best scarf for the hourglass body shape

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The way you wear your scarf has a big impact on how it looks on you. It's best to leave it down and reach your knees to give your body some dimension lines and elongate away from the usual curves.

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The Bottom Line for the Best Hourglass Body Accessories:

Simply maintain body balance and avoid wearing bulky accessories to avoid looking bulky in specific areas. When it comes to coordinating accessories for the hourglass body shape, keep it simple so you don't appear imbalanced or as if your body is a different shape than your original shape.