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Hourglass Body Type: How to Style a White Shirt for Your Body Shape

Farida Abdel Malek
5/10/21, 12:00 AM

We're back to the hourglass body shape and this time we're styling white shirts...The classic that never goes out of style and can be worn in countless ways. Let's take a look at some tips on how to wear an oversized white shirt with hourglass body shapes.

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So if you have an hourglass body type, this article is for you. If you have a different body shape, stay tuned for our upcoming articles or check out our previous ones...

Note: All body shapes, types and sizes are beautiful. We should all love and appreciate our bodies just the way they are.

Fashion tricks to highlight the beauty of an hourglass body type

1. Keep it simple.

2. Define the waist!

3. Emphasize and highlight the curves in body hugging fits and pieces. 

4. V-necks and scooped necklines are really flattering. 

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How to style oversized white shirts for hourglass body shapes:

A belt to define the waist

white shirt style tips for hourglass body shape

Image Credits: Via Pinterest - Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images Via Pinterest Vogue Paris

Waist definition is one of the key parts of styling this piece for hourglass body types. Their bodies have defined waists and so it's incredibly flattering when it's even defined further with pieces and accessories like belts. Especially when you want to wear a white shirt on its own like a shirt dress, adding a belt will add a lot of sophistication and balance to the look. The belt doesn't have to be too wide or loud, just something to define the waist.

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Tuck in your white shirt with high waisted pants

white shirt style tips for hourglass body shape

Image Credits: - Via Pinterest

Another trick for some subtle but very effective waist definition is going for high waisted pants. Also, try something with detail and definition at the waist of the pants like these ones here. Tucking in your white shirt will then take away from some of the added looseness, but also give a flattering poof on top. The high waisted pants will also flatter the hip area and emphasize the natural shape of the body.

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Keep the white shirt open and tied at the waist

white shirt style tips for hourglass body shape

Image Credits: Getty/Stefanie Keenan Via PopSugar - Via Pinterest

V-necks and plunging necklines are really loved for hourglass body types. And so if you're looking for a sexy look that's still effortless, this is a great styling idea. Keep your shirt open and tie it at the waist, with a sexy top underneath or even your swimsuit in summer. Also that knot at the waist is very helpful for of course the added waist definition, and it also helps make the shirt more wearable if it's too oversized. So, if you have an oversized shirt that you feel always looks too baggy or drowns your look and curves, this is a such a good way to help with that. 

White shirts with skirts

white shirt style tips for hourglass body shape

Image Credits: Instagram @dorra_zarrouk - with love from Kat

I personally always have a hard time styling skirts, and so white shirts of course go really with them. Fitted and hugging skirts are really flattering with hourglass body shapes and so a white shirt tucked in or tied at the waist would be the perfect addition to it. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @dorra_zarrouk


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