An oversized white shirt is now a staple in every girl's wardrobe, and recently it's has been hugely popular, so we wanted to talk about styling it today. We're also continuing our body shape series and we're going to start with white shirt styling tips for the pear body shape, this time. 

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So if you have a pear body type, this article is for you. If you have a different body shape, stay tuned for our upcoming articles...

Note: All body shapes, types and sizes are beautiful. We should all love and appreciate our bodies just the way they are.

Fashion tricks to highlight the beauty of a pear body type

The pear body shape is very common, especially in the Middle East. We think a lot of girls are looking for new ways to accentuate their pear body shape, and today we're here for that...

1. Define the waist.

2. It's really flattering to emphasize the curves. 

3. Pieces with a V-neck are a great choice for women with a pear body shape.

4. Light and soft fabrics are always best.

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So, how can you style an oversized white shirt for a pear body type?

An oversized white shirt is not always the obvious choice for a pear body shape, but we love to break fashion rules and we believe that anyone can wear anything with a few tips to make it their own...

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A thin belt is a great choice for women with a pear body

White Shirt for pear body shape

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To define the waist, we always go for belts. Whether it's a leather belt or just a fabric one, maybe even the same color as the shirt, it will do the trick and give a really flattering defined waist. However, it is preferable to go for a thin or medium belt. 

A crop top and an oversized shirt is a great trick for a pear body type

White Shirt for pear body shape

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If you don't like wearing a belt, there is another great trick. Wear a corsage style top or a crop top over an oversized white shirt. That way it will define the body, while staying having the sleeves looking puffy, loose and cool. That contrast is really flattering.

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Make your oversized white shirt wrapped with this hack

This wrap trend is perfect for all body type, especially pear body shapes. If you have a loose fitted white shirt and you want to wear it a little different or make it more fitted, try this hack right here. Watch the video above, and follow the steps.

Tuck your white shirt into high waisted pants or a skirt

White Shirt for pear body shape

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A very simple and classic tip you can try is just tuck in your shirt. That way, the pants will define the waist and the shirt will give volume, making the look balanced and chic.

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Wear your white shirt off the shoulder

White Shirt for pear body shape

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You don't have to wear a white shirt the traditional way. A touch of something a little unique would be great. You can wear your white shirt off the shoulder by leaving the top buttons open, pulling the shirt down from the sides until it shows your shoulders and then closing the rest of the buttons. Remember that off the shoulder pieces are really flattering for pear body types.

Note: Of course all of the these tips apply to any oversized shirt, it doesn't have to be just white.

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