We wanted to do the Oscars a little differently this year, since it is after all very different, everything is. The Oscars 2021 was a lot smaller than everyone is used to. So we wanted to dig into the details, instead of looking at all the obvious trends and popular colors, we thought maybe we should try to notice the smart red carpet styling tricks that might have been missed...

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Gloves just do something

Oscars 2021 Red Carpet Fashion

Image Credits: Chris Pizzello/Pool/Shutterstock Via Us Weekly - Instagram @caraspride

Their beauty did not end in the 40s. We love when stylists use gloves to add a little something to a look. It does something great, even if it's subtle. They best them about them? They're diverse. They can add elegance or edge, depending on the look.

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Cutouts are all the rage and for good reason!

Oscars 2021 Red Carpet Fashion

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We started seeing the cutout trend on swimsuits first and it was obvious then because of how effective it is, that the trend would soon be everywhere. And here we are at the Oscars and so many standout dresses had beautiful cutout details. Besides of course being really sexy, Cutouts are actually a good way to define and highlight certain areas of the body so they can be incredibly flattering. They're also a great way to create subtle balance in a dress to kind of create a break or barrier between the fabric. 

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Belts no matter how subtle they are can make the biggest difference

Oscars 2021 Red Carpet Fashion

Image Credits: Getty Images Via Instagram @justjared Chris Pizzello/Pool/Shutterstock Via Us Weekly - Chris Pizzello/Pool/Shutterstock Via US Weekly - Getty Images Via Instagram @justjared

Yes, I know this one is actually genius, we all know this one...belts add definition. But we might often forget is that belts can be really subtle, to the point where you might think it won't make any difference but it does, a lot. Just think about how different these dresses would be without these belts. Belts are also a great way to bring vibrancy to a dress.

Waist definition can be a detail within the dress itself 

Oscars 2021 Red Carpet Fashion

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To define the waist, we automatically think of belts, however the beauty of design and fashion has shown us that a dress's design and the details within the dress itself can actually be incredibly effective at waist definition, and these dresses above are perfect examples of that. From the stricture of the dress itself, to where you choose to add color and many other tricks, can make a huge difference. 

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Drama and statements need and create contrast

Oscars 2021 Red Carpet Fashion

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Big bows, puffy sleeves, structured shoulders and of course feathers...We all love the drama and these popular statements, but if we look a little closer, they're actually doing a lot more than just looking great on camera. These big statements create contrast and with that contrast you highlight, define and bring attention to certain areas and details.