Red is quite the bold color, and we know that sometimes you can shy away from wearing it. However, this Ramadan we saw a few celebs rock the color red, whether it’s in a Ramadan 2021 ad or in one the Ramadan series, and it made us re-think our thoughts on the color red. So, what’s the secret to wearing red and looking fabulous?  We’ve decided to answer this question by looking at the celebrities’ outfits in the Ramadan 2021 series and ad’s and decode their style secrets. 

How  to wear red like the celebrities in the Ramadan 2021 ad's and series:

Dina El Sherbiny’s style trick to wear red: 

If you want to wear a red dress, suit or even a jumpsuit, then you really need to take a look at Dina El Sherbiny in her Ramadan 2021 series مسلسل قصر النيل. She opts for a black hat to clash with her red dress, and for her makeup, she goes for simple eye makeup, but goes bold with a red lip. We think she managed to rock the color red and create the perfect balance throughout her outfit. 


Salma Abu Deif’s style tips to wear red :

Salma Abu Deif rocked an oversized red blazer dress in Zed’s Ramadan 2021 ad. What we especially like about her look is the few simple tricks she did that made her look oh so chic. She went for a statement gold earring, that matched perfectly with the gold buttons on her blazer, and a simple high ponytail. 


Ruby’s style tricks to wear red:

Ruby appeared twice in her Ramadan 2021 ad rocking the color red. The first look was a full on red look, red pants paired with a red blazer, red shoes, and simple nude makeup to compliment her bold outfit. As for her second look, she just went for a pair of red pants, and matched it with a white shirt, with elegant details, like the puffy sleeves and the ribbon at the collar. She finished off her look with a pair of black heels. 


Nelly Karim’s style tricks to wear red:

Nelly karim was on fire rocking  red this Ramadan. She appeared in a gorgeous red jumpsuit in her latest Ramadan series "ضد الكسر",  the second look was a one shoulder red dress she wore in Zed’s Ramadan 2021 ad. In both cases she went for makeup centered around the nude and beige colors, and accessorized more boldly, as you can see from her colorful jewels she chose with the dress and the evil eye necklace.