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| by Jasmine Kamal

Ramadan 2021 TV Series: 20 of the Most Anticipated Shows This Year

Ramadan series are always highly anticipated every year. With Ramadan 2021 approaching, many of us started getting curious about the 2021 Ramadan series. In fact, it seems that this year the Ramadan series will be really diverse, from young stars, favorites among many, dramas and comedies. 

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Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most anticipated Ramadan 2021 series for you, their schedules and channels...

A guide for Ramadan 2021 series:

Naguib Zahi Zarkash

Ramadan series 2021

As usual Yehia El-Fakharany works on something with an important message. This year's series  is a comedy about a lawyer, whose wife dies, and his four children start getting greedy, but he teaches them an unforgettable lesson.

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The series stars the star Yehia El-Fakharany, Anoushka, Hala Fakher, Hala Marzouk, Karim Afifi, Ramez Amir, Rana Raeis and is written by Abdel Rahim Kamal and directed by Shadi El-Fakharany.

Nasl El Aghrab

One of the most anticipated shows this Ramadan 202. It starts Ahmed El Sakka and Amir Karara in a story that revolves around two friends, one of whom was in prison and we he gets out, he find that his friend has married his wife and took his son as his own and from there begins a journey of revenge.

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The series stars Ahmed El Sakka, Amir Karara, Mai Omar, Mohamed Mahran, Edward, Ahmed Malek and written and directed by Mohammad Sami.

Ded El Kasr

Ramadan series 2021

Once again, Nelly Karim returns to us this year with a drama, after taking a break with and doing comedy last year. She plays Salma, who's husband's constantly cheating on her, causing a lot of trouble and problems between them.

It stars Nelly Karim, Mohamed Farag, Tara Emad, Moustafa Darwish, Lekaa Elkhamissi, Nour Ehab, Hamza El Eily, Hisham Ismail, and the series written by Amr El Daly and directed by Ahmed Khaled.

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Qasr El Nil

Another series about marital problems, but this time starring Dina El Sherbiny. She plays a woman whose husband dies and is forced to marry his married brother, which sparks issues between her and his wife.

The series starring Dina El Sherbiny, Riham Abdel Ghafour, Sabry Fawwaz, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Mahmoud El-Bezzawy, Salah Abdallah, and it's written by Mohamed Soliman Abdel Malek and directed by Khaled Marei.

Al Ekteyar 2

Ramadan series 2021

After the success the first part of the series in Ramadan 2020, the series is back with a second season. However, this time the series it talks about those who dies from Ministry of Interior, from 2013 to 2020.

The series stars Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Mekky, Asma Abo Elyazei, Injy El Mokkaddem, Mohammed Alaa, Mourad Makram, Mohamed Farag, Amr Abdel Gelil, Mohamed Gomaa and written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Peter Mimi.

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Khali Balak Men Zizi

Amina Khalil returns this Ramadan with a uni girl named Zizi who falls in love with her colleague, but struggles with a lot of challenges.

The series is starring Amina Khalil, Mohamed Mamdouh, Bayoumi Fouad, Sabry Fawwaz, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Hussein Nassar and written by Mariam Naoum and directed by Karim El Shenawy.

Moussa series

Ramadan series 2021

Mohamed Ramadan this year is doing the series Moussa, which is about a young man from the Upper Egypt who holds responsibility for his brothers after the death of his father. The series is set in the 1950s and 60s during the British occupation in Egypt.

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The series, stars Mohamed Ramadan, Ryad El Khouly, Mondher Rayahneh, Somaya El Khashab, Sayed Ragab, Asmaa Galal and others. It is written by Nasser Abdulrahman and directed by Mohamad Salama

Mamnoo' El Tagawol

A Saudi comedy series that talks about the repercussions of the Coronavirus and its impact on the Saudi and Gulf society, but in a context of satirical comedy.

The series stars Nasser Al Qasabi, Rashid Al Shamrani, Fayez Al-Malki, Fatma Al-Hosani, Ilham Ali, Aseel Omran and written by Khalaf Al-Harbi and directed by Aws Al-Sharqi.

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Hagma Mortada

Ramadan series 2021

The series is about an Egyptian intelligence file that reveals some secrets about the January 25th revolution.

The series stars Ahmed Ezz, Hend Sabry, Hesham Selim, Salah Abdallah, Magda Zaki, Ahmed Fouad Selim and written by Baher Dewidar and directed by Ahmad Alaa Aldeeb.


The series discusses phobia, how people struggle from it and the many forms of phobia that  a lot of people now nothing about.

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The series starring Fathy Abdel Wahab, Ayten Amer, Tarek Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Mirhan Hussein, Mai Elkady and written by Tarek Barakat and directed by Adel El Aassar.

Harb Ahleya 

Ramadan series 2021

Yousra's new series is called Harb Ahleya about a women who's forced to leave her daughter to grow up and be raised by her stepmother, which makes their relationship difficult later on. 

The series is starring Yousra, Bassel Khayat, Jamila Awad, Cynthia Khalifeh, Arwa Gouda, Mahmoud Hegazy, Khaled Hagag, Rushdi El Shami and written by Ahmed Adel Sultan, and directed by Sameh Abdelaziz.

Zay El Beit Waqf

A series about what wives are exposed to when the husband decides to leave and refuses to get a divorce, making her married on paper, losing many of her rights. 

The series stars Zeina, Sabreen, Ahmed Salah El Sa'dany, Saleh Abdel Nabi, Youssef Osman and directed by Essam Abdel Hamid.

Haret Al Qobba

Ramadan series 2021

Syrian drama is also bringing us this year Haret Al Qobba. Its events revolve around a period under the Ottoman rule in the nineteenth century, and the suffering that people of the Levant went through, from hunger and poverty.

The series starts Abbas al-Noury, Soulafa Maamar, Fadi Sobeih, Khaled Al Qish, Nadine Tahsin Bey, and is written by Osama Koksh, and directed by Rasha Sharbatgy.

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El Maddah

The series revolves around a struggle between two brothers over their inheritance, until one of them puts the other in prison.

The series is starring Hamada Helal, Nesreen Tafesh, Hanan Sulieman, Ahmed Bedier, Khaled Sarhan, Mohammed Ezz, Basma Maher and is written by Amin Jamal and directed by Ahmed Samir Farag.

El Malek

Ramadan series 2021

Amr Youssef starts in a historical series that tells the story of the life of King Ahmose, how he liberated southern and northern Egypt and got rid of the Hyksos from Thebes.

It stars Amr Youssef, Saba Mubarak, Bassel Alzaro, Mohamed Alaa, Maged El Masry, Reem Mostafa, Mohamed Lotfy and is written by Sherine Diab and is based on a novel by the great Naguib Mahfouz and directed by Hussein El Menbawy.

Le'bet Newton

Marriage conflicts and problems are a strong topic in Ramadan 2021. This one is about a wife, who decides to end her marriage because of issues with her husband. She travels and moves away from all of her problems.

The series stars Mona Zaki, Mohamed Mamdouh, Aicha Ben Ahmed, Mohamed Farag, Sayed Ragab, Mayan El Sayed and written and directed by Tamer Mohsen.


Ramadan series 2021

The Lebanese drama adds a touch of romance to the Ramadan 2021 series. The series revolves around a group of romantic love stories.

And the series stars Amal Bouchoucha, Stephanie Saliba, Carmen Lebbos, Abdel Moneim Amiry, Fouad Yammine, and is written by Claude Abu Haidar and screenplay and dialogue by Mahmoud Idris, and directed by Zouheir A Kanou.

Del Ragol

Ramadan series 2021

The series includes a group of stories inspired by the reality of life in society and takes the spirit of excitement and suspense.

Starring Yasser Galal, Nermine El Feky, Mahmoud Abdel-Moghni, Hala Anwar, Ahmed Halawa, Mohamed Adel, Nour, and written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah and directed by Ahmed Saleh.

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Covid 25

Ramadan series 2021

This series is a science fiction story, where Doctor Yassin leads a group of doctors to come up with vaccines to fight dangerous viruses in the world.

The series stars Youssef El Sherif, Ayten Amer, Amir Salah, Mohamed Adel, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Dayana Hesham, Randa Elbehairy, Essam Elsakka, Safaa El-Toukhi and written by Engy Alaa and directed by Ahmed Nader Galal.

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Elle Mallloush Kbeer

Ramadan series 2021

Yasmin Abdelaziz plays Ghazal, whose father forces her to marry a wealthy businessman despite the age difference between them. She comes out stronger and tough in order to protect herself and deal with those around her, until falls in love with Seif.

Starring Yasmine Abdelaziz, Ahmed El Awadi, Khaled El Sawy, Aida Reyad, Dina Fouad, Donia Abdalaziz, and is written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin and directed by Moustafa Fekry.

Stay tuned to know more about the 2021 Ramadan Series and their schedules...

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