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Tips to Avoid Getting Thirsty in Ramadan

Nada Allam
4/30/20, 12:00 AM

The trick to dealing with thirst in Ramadan is hydration and water storage in your body. Once we break our fast, we kind of get a little food frenzy, right? We just eat till we are heavy, and probably digest with a nice ice cold cup of soda. But, did you know that soda drinks cause a tremendous amount of thirst? Since they give us that immediate full filling, thus preventing our bodies from using liquids. There are a number of things you can eat and drink so as to avoid getting thirsty in Ramadan

Here's what happened when one of our team members started drinking 4 bottles of water a day. 

Here's are some hydration tips for Ramadan:

1. Eat watermelons to avoid getting thirsty in Ramadan

Watermelons are amazing summer fruits, correct? Juicy and very refreshing to eat. Well eat away my friends, because watermelon is formed of 91% water and only 6% sugar. If you are tired of always munching on watermelon and spitting out the seeds, make yourself a watermelon smoothie

2. Eat tomatoes to avoid getting thirsty in Ramadan

Tomatoes are also very juicy and keep you hydrated. Did you know that one cup of cherry tomatoes offer over half a cup of water. Be sure to include tomato's in your meal somehow so as to stock up on plenty of fluid. 

3. Eat cucumbers to avoid getting thirsty in Ramadan

Cumcumbers are also one of these foods composed of 90% water. Be sure to include cucumbers in your Suhoor. It will keep you refreshed and cool the next day. 

4. Stop drinking coffee in Ramadan to avoid getting thirsty

I know all you coffee addicts out there can't wait for Iftar time to start making your cups of coffees. However, you really must stop that habit, or at least cut down. The truth for that matter is, caffeine makes you want to pee a lot, therefore your body is losing liquid. 

5. Avoid sweating too much during fasting hours in Ramadan to avoid getting thirsty

Finally and most importantly of all, sweating. As I said, the trick is to keep the liquid in your body, and not lose it in any way. Sitting in the heat, or running errands (I know sometimes it's inevitable) but try your best to reduce it as much as possible. 

That way the watermelon or cucumbers you ate in Suhoor can actually do their job; retaining fluids in your body. It's kind of like channeling the life of a camel, a camel can go on for days without drinking water, as his humps store a lot of water. Sure he walks the desert, that's why he has a big hump, but you get my point. Store fluids in your body during the time you're allowed to eat.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @frankvinyl


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