We spend a lot of money on cosmetics and skincare, but there always seems to be something missing with our skin. It tends to still have this dull and tired look to it. We also go on strict diets that still don't seem to work. Our body, skin and health just seem to be wanting something more. So let me remind you, what's the first question your doctor asks you when you go into an appointment..."Are you drinking enough water?"

I will confess that I used to believe this question to be unnecessarily repeated and recited by doctors and athletes to run away from actually looking for a solution. That was until I met Randa, one of our Fustany team members. The second you notice her, your attention will be instantly drawn to the big water bottle in her hand, and never leaves her side. From here I began to ask her about her water drinking habits and if the benefits of drinking water turned out to be real or not? Did she experience drastic changes and positive results?

The Fustany Team talked about their experience with the quarantine and how they found a glimmer of positivity...

“I actually love and enjoy drinking water. I've always loved drinking water and I used to drink around a bottle and a half a day, especially after hearing about how water can help you lose weight. When I started exercising, my coaches always told me that it's crucial that I drink enough water daily, not only for the sake of weight loss, but also because it could have an incredible effect on our skin. I was up for the challenge because, for me, I don't feel like it's a lot of effort. I started drinking 3-4 large bottles of water everyday, for a year."

The difficulties of drinking a lot of water everyday

Many of us find it hard to drink a lot of water everyday, especially if we feel like we have to. As for Randa, she says, "I did not feel forced to drink it. I drink the first litter and a half at beginning of the day, while I'm exercising and then I distribute the rest throughout the day. If you want to drink more water, I would urge you to start working out, even if it's just for half an hour a day. It will help you get thirsty and make you drink more water."

With Ramadan coming up, if you're starting to worry about how to deal with getting thirsty, here are some tips. 

Positive results and the benefits of drinking enough water

It seems like the doctors were right, Randa said...

1. Drinking enough water everyday really helps you lose weight.

2. Water improved my skin's radiance and it actually helped clear a lot of the pimples and acne that I've always had. I still get breakouts, but every now and then.

3. My skin became very soft all year long and it doesn't even get as dry in the winter.

Tips on how to drink more water

I personally don't like the taste of water that much, so I had to ask her for some advice to help me want to drink more water....

Water and celery juice

"I tried water and celery juice for a while. The results were amazing, almost double the effects. It also changes the taste, but my issue with it was that it takes time to prep, which is why I stopped."

Adding rose water to your water

You can also add an appropriate amount of rose water, if you like the taste, to your water bottle. It also has a lot of health and skin benefits.

Here are 6 different ways to use rose water!

Fruit detox water

You could also chop some of your favorite fruits and add them to your water, like lemon, oranges, apples and strawberries.

What are the disadvantages of drinking a lot of water?

The question I had to ask Randa was, what are the cons of drinking a lot of water? "The negatives tend to happen only when I actually stop drinking water, like what happened to me at my wedding and honeymoon. I wasn't focusing on how much water I was drinking, so I got kidney pains because my body wasn't used to not drinking a lot of water regularly."

Main Image Credits: Instagram @mrswierzbicka