It feels like the good old days when Sherihan appears on your screen during Ramadan right? Sherihan has not been on screen for the past 19 years, so it’s only natural when she does appear again, it’s a COME BACK! Sherihan made her appearance during Ramadan 2021 through a one of a kind Vodafone ad. The ad is basically a telling of her story, how a fatal accident led her to a hospital bed and being put back together, after being told she would never be able to dance again. From such a moving scene to the moment she talks to herself in the mirror looking amazing, and dancing with joy, we couldn’t help but feel inspired and share with you 5 lessons we learned from Sherihan’s Ramadan 2021 ad with Vodafone Egypt. 

5 lessons we lessons we learned from Sherihan’s Ramadan 2021 Vodafone ad

1. Age is just a number 

Yes it’s such a cliché, but Sheirhan truly embodied that statement. After such a long time, one would have thought the time, years and experiences she went through should have taken a toll on Sherihan, but she proved us wrong, because the moment she appeared on screen, it felt exactly like 19 years ago when we last saw Sherihan. The woman who loves to perform, and she does so with every fiber in her body, you could see the joy in every move she makes. So really, no matter your age, and no matter how much time has gone by, if you want to do something you love, just go for it, age is simply just a number. 

2. Hope & faith is the secret to life

If you paid attention the lyrics, it’s very uplifting and empowering, more importantly since what she was singing about was a representation of her life, we couldn’t help but think of another life lesson Sherihan was secretly sharing with us. After all the tough experiences she had to go through in life, her hope was to be able to perform again, it was her driving force after all. And she did! She made her way back to our screens proving to the world that faith, hope and determination really is the secret to making your dreams come true. 


3. Fashion and elegance means choosing what works for you

We couldn’t help but notice, after all these years, she still stuck to her same style. The trends might have changed, but Sherhan’s taste has remained the same. From her long hair style, to her outfits all including some kind of sparkle, to her makeup look being a classic with the red lip. Sticking to your style and what makes you feel good is yet another lesson we learned from Sherihan.


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4. Exercise really is the key to keeping your body healthy

C’mon the women dancing in the streets in this Ramadan ad, is a woman who takes excellent care of her body. So the next time someone says you can never get that body back, or I’ll never be able to move like a did, take a page from the Sheirhan book and prove yourself wrong. If you keep that body moving, it will always move! 

5. Change is not failure, a lot of the time it’s a new path to success

This was definitely the most important and powerful lesson we learned from Sherihan in her Ramadan 2021 ad. She may look different than the Sheirhan we were used to in the plays, she maybe performing differently than before, choosing to go for a Ramadan ad for example, but that just proves how she is not just any other actress. She is diverse and adaptable, which is the main reason she still manages to find success and fans after all this time.