Laser hair removal. This was the focus of a discussion that I had with my co-worker, Mai. One day we were sitting together and I was updating her about my experience with laser hair removal, until I found her telling me that she had a lot of concerns about it, which made her hesitant about taking that step. She was concerned about burns, pigmentation, skin color changes, and even pain.  These concerns are not only limited to Mai, but so many girls and women think about these factors  when it comes to laser hair removal and so laser hair removal reviews are helpful to look at. However, it is important to keep in mind that we're all different, our skin is different and so it's impossible for 2 experiences to be exactly the same. Your doctor should sit with you, assess your skin, hair and see what's right for you. 

Here's 4 of our Fustany Team members' experiences with laser hair removal: 

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Pain during laser hair removal is not a must and it has to do with different factors

Farida was the first to share her experience with laser hair removal. And we talked specifically about the part related to pain and the factors that are associated with it...

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She says, "I wanted the first time I try laser to be with my bikini area, which is one of the most sensitive and painful. I wanted to start with the hardest part so the rest can feel easy and bearable compared to it. The pain was not as bad as I thought, of course there was pain, but it was bearable, but numbing cream was a must. During my second session, the pain was significantly a lot less, but the third time the pain was so bad that couldn't even finish the session. I later realized that  too much timed passed since applying the numbing cream and my session was right before period was about to come, which made the pain a lot worse. They usually recommended booking your sessions right after your period's finished."

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Farida stopped following up with her laser sessions for a while, until she decided to start again, but with another doctor and a different device...

"When I decided to start again doing laser, I went to my mom's doctor, who used a different device, that I hated because the pain was really bad, and so I stopped going again. A couple of months lates, I had one of my relatives come back from living in Dubai, where she had a really good experience with her laser session there. She told my mother about the device that was used on her there and after some fetching, my mom found a laser clinic that uses that same device. She tried them and I followed and finally did a full body hair removal session. The device they use is called Motus AX and it works with a cooling system, which really helped reduce the pain and so, so far this is my best experience with laser to date."

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The number of laser hair removal sessions varies from one person to the next

As for Nancy, she told us about another very important thing, which is the number of laser hair removal sessions and how they can vary...

"I started laser hair removal in the facial area. As a person with thick hair it was important for me to start with that area. The pain was not bad but bearable for me, but of course this has nothing to do with the number of sessions I needed. When I started my journey in laser hair removal, I had to go to the doctor for a session every week, and with time the sessions got further apart, like once every two weeks and then later once a month. Also, the number of pulses got less with time from. I've done 18 sessions, so far. I started with 8 sessions with one doctor and then changed doctors and did 10 with the new one."

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Nancy also said, "Do not expect that the hair will disappear forever, but it certainly does reduce with the number of sessions, and becomes lighter and grows at a lower rate. The sessions will decrease and be farther apart."

Carefully choosing the doctor and clinic is essential for laser hair removal

Nada reminded us of another really important thing to keep in mind, which is the choice of doctor and clinic, and how big of a difference that can make...

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"My first experience with laser hair removal was not good at all. My friend suggested one of the places that she had an experience with and tried. Before going to the session, the doctor asked me to remove the hair completely with razor, and when I went it was her assistant, not the doctor herself, which was very uncomfortable. I didn't have any complications after the session except for redness, which was normal, but there was something else bothering me. I did not notice any change and the rate of hair growth did not decrease. And so I decided to stop and look for another place. I did a lot of research and started asking people who already had experiences with these places, until I settled on one of them and the experience was completely different."

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"When I went, I asked to sit with the doctor before the session and talk to her about all the concerns that are going on in my head. For example, she told me that my hair is blonde and this means that there are places where the laser will not have a strong effect. She also explained to me that there's a misconception about the hair going away completely. You must have sessions every once in a while to touch up. When she saw that I had shaved my hair completely, she asked me not to so they could see the hair and understand how thick it is. She also did the session herself, which was very reassuring." 

"What I want to focus on is that choosing the doctor and the place very carefully is necessary and it shouldn't solely be done based on the recommendations of friends or Ads. It is important that  you read and listen to multiple reviews on the clinic, talk to the doctor and pick the clinic and doctor you're most comfortable with.  "

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Pigmentation after laser hair removal is normal but can be treated

As for me, Jasmine, I will talk about something else, which is pigmentation as a result of laser and how to deal with it...

I remember one of my friends encouraged me to make the decision to get laser hair removal, guiding me through everything in the process, including pigmentation. I told her how I see a lot of complaints online about the bikini area and armpits getting dark after laser. She said, "Don't worry, all you have to do is apply the creams and ointments the doctor prescribes after the session, wear cotton clothing, and keep these areas from sweating." I did not imagine at the time that these three tips would make a difference. Is it possible that all these women, weren't already doing that. After my experience, I can assure you that these tips were magical, as the skin color of these areas did not change, so much so, that my doctor expressed her admiration for the extent of my commitment and care for my skin. What I realized is that after the session is over, some people get lazy, and discard using the treatments that the doctor prescribes for 3 days. And so the skin can get darker. 

There doesn't have to be negative side effects of laser hair removal are not essential!

Nancy was the only one among us who experienced some side effects with laser facial hair removal. She said, "After several sessions, my skin was broke out with a lot of pimples, but I later found out that this was not because of the laser, but due to the doctor using an unclean tool during the session, which led me to change the doctor immediately."

This means that the side effects of laser hair removal are not a must, and not all women experience them. It depends on the choice of the doctor, the area itself and you skin type of course.

If you have any other questions about laser hair removal, please do not hesitate to send them to us!

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