You know that moment that happens when you are shopping, you pick something out and head to the dressing room and try it on. It looked great on the mannequin, but not so great on you. Why? It’s probably because you are picking the wrong items for your body type. Here at Fustany we like to make your life easier, so we found it essential to talk to you about the different dresses that suit different body types. We’re starting off by talking about how to style dresses that fit the pear body type. 

So, if you have a pear body type, this article is for you. If you have a different body shape, stay tuned for upcoming articles. 

Note: All body shapes, types and sizes are beautiful. We should all love and appreciate our bodies just the way they are.

Let’s start off by understanding what is a pear shaped body? It is one of the most common body shapes, especially in Arab countries. The pear body shape is characterized by many things: 

1. A defined and small waist

2. Full thighs/hips

3. Arms and shoulders are proportionally thin

4. Large hips, wider than the bust and shoulders 

So, what is the general rule when choosing clothes for the pear body shape? 

Always try to balance the upper and lower body halves, the secret is to distract attention away from your fuller hips and showcase your upper body and defined waist instead.

How do you pick dresses according to a pear body shape? 

In general dresses should draw attention to the waist while concealing the lower body. We’ll share a few pictures below to explain

1. A-line dresses are a great choice for women with a pear body shape. 

Due to the fact that they are narrow from the top and loose from the bottom, it places emphasis on the upper half of your body and defined waist, while completely concealing the fullers parts of your body. 


Image Credits: Instagram: @nourhanneissa

2. A-line dresses with flared sleeves or broad shoulders are great for a hijab look with a pear body shape. 

As we mentioned before, women with the pear body shape have thin arms and shoulders, so it would be nice to add some details to these areas. Going for dresses with fluffy sleeves or wide shoulders would be ideal. 


Image Credits: Instagram: @deemaalasadi

3.Wrap dresses are ideal for women with a pear body shape

Looking at the wrap dresses, you will find that it adds different and attractive details to the waist area. Not only will the wrap dress’s detail draw attention to your best feature, a wrap dress will definitely accentuate your curves.


Image Credits: Instagram: @karenwazen

4.Dresses with dropped shoulders 

Dresses with upper body detail truly are perfect for the pear body shape. Dresses with a wide shoulder strap create a very good balance with the rest of the dress as it drapes across your body. 


Image Credits: Instagram: @zahralyla

General rules to keep in mind when choosing a dress for the pear body shape:

1.Dresses that define the waist and are loose in the lower part of the body are always a good option. 

2. Stay away from tight dresses, it will give off a fuller look that you actually have. 

3. Dresses with details at the bust and shoulder area are always an ideal option. 

4. Stay away from dresses with straight cuts that hide the curves of your body. 

5. Stay away with dresses with thick fabrics because they add extra volume to your body. 

6. It is better to stay away from dresses with a low waist.