Last year we showed you how to pick a dress for your body shape and you loved it. We also showed you some ideas inspired by the Golden Globes red carpet dresses, now it's time for the Oscars 2020. The Oscars 2020 red carpet dresses this year were simple and classic with a interesting twist.

So, let's take a look at the Oscars 2020 celebrity red carpet looks and how you can get inspired by the same ideas according to your body type...   

How to pick evening dresses according to your body shape

Hourglass Body Shape


Hourglass body shapes have broad upper bodies, thinner waists and wider hips. These looks from the Oscars red carpet are perfect for hourglass body types...

Salma Hayek really loves to show her beautiful curves. She chose a white by Gucci that created the perfect balance between the upper and lower body. It is a one shoulder dress with some detail in the chest area that highlighted her curves and waist. 

As for Margot Robbie, she chose a beautiful black vintage Chanel dress that defines the waist area and flows slightly outwards which can be great if you're looking to make the hips look slimmer. 

As for Penelope Cruz, she wore a waist defining poofy dress, while Scarlett Johansson wore a beautiful figure hugging Oscar de la Renta dress that would really flatter hourglass body shapes. 

Rectangle Body Shape 


The rectangular body shape doesn't have a lot of curves. The chest, waist and hips are usually similar measurements. Which is why women with this body shape love wearing dresses with detail so it can add volume and balance. 

Natalie Portman wore a Dior dress with a custom cape that was embroidered with female directors names. The cape added nice detail at the shoulders and the gold belt added really nice beautiful definition at the waist. 

As for Lily Aldridge, she chose a white dress with a deep v-neck which is really flattering on rectangle body shapes. The ruffles at the leg opening were also a nice addition of detail and the red rose at the waist gave even more definition to the look in a creative way.  

As for Rooney Mara, she wore a stunning Alexander McQueen dress with puffy shoulder detail and ruffles in the lower part of the dress. The cut out at the waist is genius giving so much dimension to her look! 

Pear Body Shape


Olivia Coleman looked so chic in a navy dress with details at the shoulders that are parallel to the hip area to make the look balanced. The tail was also a nice way to give length and symmetry to the look. 

As for Rebel Wilson, the dress she chose was perfect for her. She look very sexy, figure hugging and waist defining sparkly dress.

Inverted Triangle Body Type


As the inverted triangle body shape, these 2 dresses are perfect for creating harmony for broad shoulders...

Rene Zellweger chose a white one-shoulder dress by Armani that was really beautiful on her. It highlighted the beauty of her shoulders while still balancing out their broadness.  

Charlize Theron went for a stunning Dior dress with a minimal ruffle detail at the waist and a side leg opening. The draped shoulder strap is a gorgeous addition that really flatters the shoulders.