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Oscars 2019: Which Evening Dresses to Copy According to Your Body Shape

Fustany Team
2/25/19, 12:00 AM

Red Carpet dresses have remained memorable and iconic for many years and for many reasons. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they're also a great way to inspire women and help them see which dresses look best with their body shape. At the 2019 Oscars red carpet, we were inspired by celebrities on the red carpet to show you the best evening dresses for your body shape.

The Oscars red carpet is a great opportunity to find a dress for yourself because of the diversity of celebrities' body types and how the find perfect dresses for their body type, while also sometimes surprising us with dresses that traditionally wouldn't match for a certain body type and yet they make it work so beautifully

We've gathered for you celebrities with different body types to show you the dresses they chose and how it flatters their shape and look...

Pear Body Shape


There were different style ideas for the pear body shape on the red carpet. A lot of women wore dresses that are known to be flattering for a pear body type, but some strayed away from the traditional and went for something different. 

Serena Williams: 

The tennis player wore a dress with a figure hugging material to flatter her curves. The dress had a lot of detail at the waist bringing attention to her athletic figure. 

Lady Gaga:

Gaga broke the rules, and thankfully so. Even though, a pear body shop is usually advised to avoid dresses with a lot of details or definition near buttocks, Gaga chose a custom made Alexander McQueen gown with a dramatic waist...and it looked incredible.

Jennifer Lopez:

JLo went for a figure hugging Tom Ford dress, flattering her curves. But, even though the dress is made of embroidery, these mirror like embellishments are attention grabbing, but they don't let the eye sit on only on one area. It distracts you to see the dress a whole. 

Hourglass Body Shape


Jennifer Hudson:

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson's Elie Saab dress, also didn't follow the hourglass body shape rules. She wore a bright dress with ruffles extending from her shoulder to her bust and down her waist diagonally, which increases volume in the bust area and she looked incredible. So yes, you can break body type fashion rules or guidelines, if you find the right dress for you.

Ashley Graham:

Ashley never goes wrong with her look and especially with red carpet dresses. She knows how to rock and enjoy her hourglass body type and doesn't shy away from emphasizing her magnificent curves.  On 2019 Oscars red carpet, she wore a dress by Zac Posen. She want for a very flattering dress for the hourglass shape, with soft classic black material hugging her body.

Rectangle Body Shape


Emma Stone:

Emma wore a graphic bronzey brown Louis Vuitton dress that giving her broader shoulders and adding more volume to the upper part of her body and therefore further flattering her slim, lean figure.

Emilia Clarke:

Emilia wore a lavender metallic dress with detail at the waist and bust area, which gave her look dimension and curves.

Amy Adams: 

Amy Adams' Versace dress was beautifully embracing her body and added definition to the waist and bust area, giving an overall beautiful feminine look. 


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