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Friday Fashion Fits: How to Style Chic Figure Hugging Outfits

Jasmine Kamal
2/5/21, 12:00 AM

Should I go for oversized or figure hugging? A question that is often on our minds while shopping. For most of us our wardrobes are a max of both and despite the oversized trend being dominant these past few years, we still can't go without some body hugging pieces, and some people just don't like oversized fits. We have talked a lot before on how to style oversized clothes, now it's time to talk about how to style body hugging clothes and show you some figure hugging outfit ideas.

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What to look for when shopping for body hugging clothes

I always say that styling is not the hardest thing, but picking what to buy could be. Finding pieces the pieces for you is important. It's not about what you cannot wear, it's just about finding the right piece of that specific clothing item or trend. There are things that help determine that...

1. Body shape

I will not stop talking about this every time. Knowing your body shape will save you a lot of trouble when choosing any piece of clothing.

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2. Finding the right pieces and fit for your body shape

When you get to know your body shape well, you will be able to know the pieces that will work for you and make you feel comfortable. So save yourself a lot of trouble, and put your focus on looking for pieces that are right your body shape.

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3. The fabric

Oversized clothes may give you freedom to wear any fabric you want, but tight fitted clothes really need good quality fabrics in order to look chic and feel comfortable.

4. Colors

Some colors flatter our bodies and skin tones the best. So when shopping go for the colors you love on yourself. 

5. Your personal style

Dressing up shouldn't affect your comfort. What's the point of putting effort in an outfit if you don't feel amazing in it. Understand your personal style and pick pieces that make you feel fabulous.   

How to wear chic figure hugging outfits

Layering is a great trick with fitted pieces

Layering with figure outfit

Wearing a figure hugging outfit doesn't mean that every piece needs to be fitted. Layering is always a great idea to balance out a look and make it look more cohesive and interesting. For example, if you're wearing a top and leggings or jeans with a tight fit, you can throw on a loose cardigan on top. If you're wearing a skirt and a fitted top, go for an oversized blazer over them.

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How to wear a fitted dress with hijab?

how to wear a figure hugging dress with hijab

Choosing figure hugging clothes with the hijab might seem difficult, but there are some tricks that you can try out. You can wear a tight fitted dress with a shirt over it. You can also go for dark colors like black. And if you don't mind a tight, you can of course go for whatever color you love and style it how you normally would.

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Dos and Don'ts for skinny jeans

skinny jeans Dos and Don'ts

Tight fitted pants or skinny jeans are essential pieces for a lot of us. There are a few styling tips that you can try nowadays to make the outfit look more modern, timeless and chic.

1. If you're petite or your legs are not long, avoid skinny jeans or pants that sit at the ankle. Go for longer ones and preferably shoes of the same color or tone.

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2. If you have a rectangle body type, choose a top in a different color than the pants, to give you a more balanced look.

3. If you want a little more glamor, wear skinny jeans with a fitted top and heels.


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