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Friday Fashion Fits: Types of Strapless Bras and When to Wear Them

Farida Abdel Malek
1/29/21, 12:00 AM

We all have endless questions about strapless bras, how to wear strapless bra with big bust, when to wear a bandeau bra, how to find a strapless bra that stays up and which is the best strapless bra for dresses. Today we're going in-depth and talking about strapless bras, were to get them and what are the different types of strapless bras

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Multiway strapless bras

Multiway strapless bras

Victoria's Secret - H&MMarks & Spencer

You probably see this word a lot when looking online at strapless bras. The great thing is that most strapless bras come with optional straps so you can wear it different ways depending on your preference or outfit. The strap can placed in different ways and even to the side to fit whatever top to dress you have on. 

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Strapless bra for big bust 

best strapless bras for large breasts

Ivory Rose ASOS - Victoria's Secret - Marks & Spencer

Strapless bras were unfortunately, for a long time, a struggle for girls with big busts. They just weren't supportive enough without straps. Nowadays there are many options out there that are a lot more supportive and great. It's just about trying them on and also maybe looking for ones with silicon lining so it stays in place. You can also look for ones with a thick band, like the one in the middle here.

Adhesive backless strapless bras

strapless bra backless

Magic Bodyfashion ASOS - Oysho - Oysho 

If you're wearing a backless dress or any top and outfit that is showing skin, these are a great option. There are a couple of different designs out there. The first one here is great for pushing up the breasts and giving you a nice sexy cleavage and lift. The second is great for girls with smaller breasts who don't need a lot of support with loose satin tops and backless dresses. It's also good if you're wearing something that shows your side. The last one has adhesive at the sides, it's a bit more supportive and the bra itself has an underwire and push up insert. 

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Plunge strapless bras

plunge strapless bra for dress

Marks & Spencer - Fashion Forms ASOS

These are great if you're wearing a V plunging dress or top. They have adhesive at the side and the second one comes with an optional strap if you need a little more support.

Seamless strapless bras

seemless strapless bra

H&M - Marks & Spencer

You know when you're wearing a sheer top or something with a really thin fabric and the lining of your bra always shows. These seamless bras are great to help solve this issue as much as possible. You can also pick something skin colored or nude if your top is a light color. 

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Bandeau bra

bandeau bra

Marks & Spencer - H&M

Bandeau bras are really comfortable and easy to have on. They can be worn under sheer, lace or loose sleeveless tops in the summer, or with anything really as long as you don't mind how the shape of the breasts look, because a lot of them can give a one dimensional shape. 

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Sexy strapless bras

sexy lace strapless bra

Victoria's Secret - Savage X Fenty - La Senza

Don't get discouraged by all the nudes, you can also find some really pretty and sexy strapless bras, whether it's lace, your favorite color or pattern. 


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