You keep preparing for your wedding day, but you may skip the day-after wedding essentials! And those who think of it, wonder what to wear next day after the wedding.

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Well, because each bride has her own case, we've brought you a condensed list of after wedding outfits for brides, no matter what your plans on that day are. 

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Bride-To-Be? Scroll down to the gallery to see these next day wedding outfits...

1. A feminine dress


This is the fastest, easiest option in case you are expecting someone to pass by or you know your friends are staying in the hotel and you might have brunch together.

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2. A casual sexy dress


If you're planning to have an outdoor breakfast with your husband, this casual yet sexy dress will be the perfect choice. It will give you a feminine look that your husband will love, but it'll still be suitable for a morning outing.

3. A plain linen dress


Expecting someone in the morning? Your friends/family will pay a visit before you go on your honeymoon? No worries. A plain linen dress will do the job for it's simple, comfy and suitable.

4. Just a white top & comfy sweat pants!


If you're planning to stay cozy at home, or you're expecting someone to visit you but it's a bit chilling for a linen dress, just put on a white top and your sweat pants. White will keep the bridal vibes, yet, you'll maintain your coziness, warmth and comfort.

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5. A comfy jumpsuit


Whether you're expecting some friends/family members or you're taking breakfast with your husband in the hotel restaurant, an overall will make you stay in style yet comfortable.

6. A comfy shirt dress


Expecting your parents in the morning? Of course we know you won't be comfortable in your lingerie; that's why we recommend you put on some comfy shirt-like dress.

7. Your shirt & denim!


If you still have to go out to finish stuff before you travel to your honeymoon, a pair of denim with a practical shirt will do the job. A white shirt is preferred so that you won't get out of the bridal mood!

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8. Denim overalls/Shorts & T-Shirt


Want to make it more fun? This outfit will make you look cute yet you'll be comfortable no matter what plans you have on the next day of your wedding.

9. A chic tracksuit


Heading right to the airport? A tracksuit will do the job. You'll stay comfy and will be ready to meet up with anyone or head anywhere.

10. A sexy but basic dress


You're already by the beach? This dress will be perfect to spend your first romantic, lively day with your partner. 

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11. A silk dress


These silk slip dresses are a classic and very bridal. You'll definitely feel bridal and really sexy, but fitting for any next move? Brunch, dinner or your first night out on your honeymoon.

12. Your bridal feminine robe


Just you and him at home or in the hotel suite? Why not order your breakfast to your room or have your coffee in bed together while you're in your luxurious bridal lace robe? Your husband will love it!

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13. A maxi printed Dress


Printed dresses always save our lives. This will be suitable to go for a walk with your husband, have brunch with friends, or see your family.

14. A dreamy nighty like dress


If your mom, sister or friend will spend sometime with you while you're husband is getting a bit more sleep, a dreamy modest night gown will be suitable.

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15. Your PJS!


If you're expecting a very close person (sister or mother) to pass by to give you something you forgot at home, it would be just okay if you do meet her in your comfy non-revealing PJS. 

16. Your night shirt & robe


If you're too lazy to change and someone surprised you on the morning of the day following your wedding, you can simply put on a cozy robe over your night shirt. Make the robe a warm one if it's chilling outside.

17. Top & Culottes/Wide-legged pants


Nothing beats chic wide-legged pants. This is a such an elegant next day look. If you're a winter bride? Never mind. Put on your high-necked top and your trendy wide-legged pants and you'll be ready to meet up with anyone!