You've probably heard about horrifying incidents that happen to brides on their wedding day! But fear not, for you can be ready for any emergency with these 10 life-saving bridal fashion tips for a trouble-free wedding day. With a super long day and a tight schedule, brides tend to get stressed, specially if (anything!) goes wrong, like a broken zipper or a makeup stain. Stay ahead of any wedding day mishaps, and take a moment to read these 10 common emergencies and how to solve them.

1. Use heel stoppers for outdoor weddings.
Wearing your pretty bridal shoes on grass for your outdoor wedding probably isn't the best idea, that's why you should use heel stoppers. Avoid any tripping or falling, and also keep your shoes damage-free!

2. Pack a sewing kit!
Having a sewing kit on hand on your wedding day is something you'll never regret, because you never know! If you needed to repair anything, then you know you'll be ready.

3. You'll need white chalk too!
Yes, you read that right. White chalk can help you cover any minor stains on your wedding dress, specially if you're having an outdoor photo-shoot.

4. Have you heard about body tape?
Plunging wedding dresses are trending more than ever, but what can keep your boobs in place to avoid any mishaps? A double-sided body tape!

5. Safety pins can truly save the day!
How many times have you heard mortifying stories about wedding dress zippers that break while the bride is still getting ready? This is where safety pins come to the rescue!

6. A trash bag will help you pee, fuss-free.
Believe it or not, a trash bag can help you pee while you're wearing your ball gown! What's the technique you should follow? When nature calls, tear a small hole in a trash bag, step into it with your feet, and then pull up the trash bag, and try to stuff your dress inside it. Now you can easily step into the bathroom!

7. A trick to not rip your stockings...
Use hairspray! Avoid any tragic rips by spraying hairspray on your bridal stockings before you wear them. If they rip, use clear nail polish to avoid any further damage!

8. Pack an extra pair of shoes, just in case!
Your wedding day survival kit must include an extra pair of shoes. Your heels might break, the shoes could cause you awful blisters, etc. So, an extra pair of shoes is a must-have!

9. What to do if your engagement ring is stuck?
With pre-wedding stress, your fingers can swell, and your engagement ring can get stuck on the wrong hand! Don't worry, there's a simple fix. All you need to do is use soap or lotion, and gently wiggle the ring to remove it.

10. Don't forget the stain removal wipes!
Whether it's a makeup or a food spot, stain removal wipes will quickly take care of any minor marks on your wedding dress. Make sure to gently dab the stain, so it doesn't get any worse!