Dear Egyptian brides-to-be, have you tried looking for your dream wedding dress in almost every bridal boutique in Egypt, and still haven’t found it yet? Then, it’s about time to set an appointment with bridal fashion designers to make your dream come true.

We’re pretty sure there's a plenty of bridal fashion designers in Egypt, but these 11 names you’re about to know are the best. The following list of Egyptian wedding dress designers is even recommended by happy brides, because if you can make a bride happy on her big day, then you’re definitely excellent! So, let’s discover who are these 11 Egyptian wedding dress designers that every bride should know?

1. Deana Shaaban

Egyptian fashion designer Deana Shaaban makes every bohemian bride’s dream come true with her simple and unique designs. 

2. Hisham Aboul Ela

Hisham Aboul Ela is one of the original Egyptian bridal designers. He's still on top of the list, because many brides-to-be are after his exceptional designs.

3. Iman Saab

Although Iman Saab is Lebanese, her atelier is based in Cairo, Egypt. Iman Saab is one of the most-wanted bridal fashion designers right now.

4. Mohanad Kojak

Mohanad Kojak is one of the non-traditional bridal fashion designers; he’ll make you a wedding dress that is guaranteed to be unique. 

5. Malak El Ezzawy

If you’re looking for a romantic wedding dress, seek the Egyptian fashion designer, Malak El Ezzawy, for she’ll make you the one you desire.

6. Nana’s Closet

Egyptian bridal atelier Nana’s Closet, run by fashion designer Dina Said, is the definition of "attention to detail," and that's why all their designs are exquisite.

7. Nehal Khalifa

Va-Va-Voom brides-to-be love her! Egyptian bridal fashion designer Nehal Khalifa knows how to make a bride standout.  

8. Norine Farah

With creative designs and unique materials, Egyptian fashion designer Norine Farah creates beautiful wedding dresses.

9. Shahira Lasheen

Egyptian fashion designer Shahira Lasheen makes dresses for every bride who want to look like a princess on her wedding day, and she nails it every time.

10. Temraza

Are you daring enough to hire Temraza to be your wedding dress designer? Because she makes beautiful, one-of-a-kind daring bridal dresses.

11. Yasmine Yeya

Egyptian-French bridal fashion designer Yasmine Yeya is here to make your fairy-tale come to life. Yasmine Yeya makes dresses for brides who wish to live their dreams to the fullest.