Pacinthe Badran's La Méduse Collection: Sea-Inspired Colors with Organza and Satin Embellishments

Jasmine Kamal
9/24/23, 3:30 PM

We recently celebrated with fashion designer Pacinthe Badran at the debut of her new collection, "La Méduse." It's not an exaggeration to say that the fashion show was a pleasant surprise. While we were confident that Pacinthe would present unique designs, we never expected to be so thoroughly amazed and astonished.

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From the moment the models first appeared, everyone in attendance was in awe. We are proud of Pacinthe for what she has achieved, and we're impressed by her attention to the smallest details. This collection was soft, feminine, daring, and fun; it truly had a lot to offer. Every girl will find one or more pieces in this collection that suit her and her style.

We won't keep you waiting. Let's take you on a tour to see these details for yourself. Ready?

The “La Méduse” collection… Colors inspired by the world of the sea, with embroidery and details made from organza and satin.

Organza pieces in sea-inspired colors

Most of the dresses and pieces drew inspiration from the colors of the sea, including shades of blue, green, pink, and more. The collection's name itself suggests this. What's truly striking is that it's not just about sea-inspired colors; as organza played a significant role in most of the designs. For example, there was a short dress with layers of organza in various shades of blue, a one-shoulder crop top with a side tie and a trailing ribbon, and a full-length maxi dress entirely made of organza with cascading sleeves. All these pieces demonstrated that with a few touches, organza can become a truly unique piece. The use of organza here was meaningful; it provided the dresses with the desired flow during movement, resembling the graceful movement of a jellyfish, which is the collection's name in French. 

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Embroidered dresses with organza and satin details

We truly appreciate the embroidery that adorns every piece because we understand the effort it takes to create such distinctive designs. So, I can't hide my amazement at Pacinthe Badran's dresses, many of which are adorned with these sparkling sequin embroideries. These sequin embroideries were beautifully paired with organza details, whether as an extra piece on the dress or as an essential part of the dress's design. Additionally, satin added an elegant touch to the sleeves of the black dress (the first one on the right).

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Pacinthe Badran's Wedding Dresses

Are you a soon-to-be bride, and looking for the perfect wedding dress with a unique touch? Well, I highly recommend Pacinthe Badran's wedding dresses, which she presented in her recent collection, La Méduse. I'm not just suggesting them because I genuinely admire the collection (although I do), but simply because Pacinthe has managed to cater to various tastes. Still not sure how or why I'm recommending them to you?! Well, keep reading…

Layered wedding dresses

Do you want your wedding dress to have a unique look while still being a bit voluminous? Layered dresses are your perfect choice. Pacinthe Badran has presented them in different styles and fabrics. She introduced them in a satin dress with golden embroidery at the waist, extending down to the abdomen. She also designed a fitted dress that emphasized the figure but added layers that revolve around the hips and extend to the back with a long train. Additionally, there's an organza dress with multiple geometric layers and embroidery around the chest, as well as another with pleats and a golden frame around the waist, featuring a different cape style. You won't have any trouble finding the layered dress that suits your preferences.

What about the wedding dresses designed to accentuate the figure?

I personally love dresses that are tailored to accentuate the figure, and my affection for them grows when they come with a non-traditional touch. For instance, the dress on the far right is designed to highlight the figure and then gracefully flows loosely at the bottom. The sleeves start narrow and then transition to a more voluminous style from the elbows. Additionally, the embroidery extends across the front and back of the dress, even reaching the middle of the sleeves. All of this makes it a unique piece of art.

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The same goes for the dress in the middle; it's perfect for a beach wedding or as a second look. It's a simple dress that gives you the freedom to move as you wish on a day like this, and it showcases your body's curves attractively. The waist is defined with an organza ribbon tied in a flowing bow that extends to the ground, adding a playful touch.

As for the dress on the left, it's also suitable for those looking for figure-accentuating dresses. The prominent roses at the bottom, from which the dress's train cascades, give it a touch of elegance and luxury.

Fluffy dresses, with a unique twist

Who said voluminous dresses have become traditional? Have you seen Pacinthe Badran's latest designs? She simply brings voluminous dresses back to the scene and makes us fall in love with them, especially when she incorporates corset-style elements, as seen in the first dress on the left.

In conclusion, the Pacinthe Badran fashion show was an awe-inspiring extravaganza that showcased an abundance of creativity. It was a true testament to the remarkable talent possessed by this extraordinary Egyptian female designer.

Translated by: Engy Elgahanam




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