It's difficult to choose what to wear on your special engagement day, and most of us have been anticipating and daydreaming about our engagement day since we were children. I understand how difficult it is to decide. Should you go for a long dress or a short one, a puffy or a minimal one? But have you ever considered thinking outside the box and going for something completely unique? In this article, I'll show you 9 non-traditional engagement looks that are not dresses, and that will turn heads and ensure that the bride who wore a suit to her engagement is remembered.

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1. A white suit

Bridal Engagement Suit

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Yes, a suit for your engagement! It's an unusual choice, but you'll definitely stand out. A lace top will look great with your white suit. After all, lace is always in style in the bridal world. Wear colored heels to add a splash of color to your look. A hijabi bride can wear a suit as well.

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2. Wear your favorite color

Colored Engagement look

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It's your special day, so make your own rules. If you think wearing your favorite color will boost your confidence on your special day, go for it. You can wear a skirt in your favorite color with a white or beige top, or a colored top with a plain skirt or pants.

3. Blazer dress

Engagement blazer dress

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A blazer dress is a one-of-a-kind option for your special event. A blazer dress is a great option if you enjoy wearing blazers and want to wear one to your engagement. For a bit of movement, a blazer dress with fringes is a good option. Wear it with a pair of white heels.

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4. A beige set

beige engagement look

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Instead of white, opt for beige. We've all been taught that brides must wear white, but we're trying to break the norm and wear something we'd feel comfortable in. Beige is a light color that works well for an engagement.

5. A satin set

Satin engagement look

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You can wear a satin set, such as a pair of pants and a top, but the pants should have a twist to it, such as a side slit or something else that makes it stand out. Pair it with a top of your choice and white heels or colored heels for a pop of color.

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6. Jumpsuit

Engagement bridal jumpsuit

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For your engagement, a jumpsuit is a great option. It's a sophisticated choice that's also very easy to move and dance in. You can also wear a jumpsuit with a colored top and white bottoms, or the other way around it does not have to be all one color.

7. Maxi skirt and top

Skirt and top engagement bridal look

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If your entire outfit is made of lace, this look has a boho vibe to it. A maxi skirt and top would be perfect for a bohemian look. Wear simple make-up and embrace your curls if you have curly hair, and get ready to hit the dance floor.

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8. Crop top and high waisted pants

Crop top and pants bridal look

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If you want to show off your figure, a pair of high-waisted pants and a crop top is a good choice. This is a very elegant look for an engagement. You can choose a simple top or one with a bit of drama, such as puffed sleeves. Wear white heels to keep it simple.

9. A simple skirt and fancy top

Engagement Looks That Are Not Dresses

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If you want your outfit to have a nice balance, go for a simple skirt and top with some work on it, such as ruffles or lace. This look is great for creating an elegant look with a twist.

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