Have you ever thought about wearing a bridal jumpsuit instead of a wedding dress? The idea of ditching the wedding dress for a bridal jumpsuit sounds scary, but it's a cool unconventional an special bridal trends. If you're sure you want a gown on your wedding day, you can wear a jumpsuit for your engagement, ceremony or Katb Ketab. 

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If you're a bride-to-be who doesn't feel comfortable at all in gowns and over-the-top wedding dresses, then bridal jumpsuits would be a great alternative. With so many beautiful bridal jumpsuits out there, here's a couple of our favorite designs.

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Lace Bridal Jumpsuit 


We know you all love lace. Bridal and lace are a beautiful combination and jumpsuits are no exception. If you're worried about your jumpsuit being too simple and not bridal enough, pick one with lace detail. 

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Sheer Tulle 


A tulle overskirt or sheer cape is such a beautiful and modern way to take a bridal jumpsuit to the next level. Capes are beautiful and on trend and an overskirt, that you can have the option of removing, can make for a very special memorable look. 

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Make a statement 


Since the jumpsuit can be really simple, especially if it doesn't have any lace or details, you can have the piece itself make a statement like with a long train or a statement bow at the back. 

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