Don't you think it is time to break the typical stereotypes and try something different? After all it is very possible to be in love and adventurous at the same time. The honeymoon phase is all about a state of mind, not the place. You can be in the most boring city of all, and still have the best honeymoon ever. So here are some fun ideas and activities to do on your honeymoon.

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14 Fun Honeymoon ideas:

1. Do what you actually want to do

Don't ditch the romantic walks by the beach and the candle lit dinners, however do not make the entire honeymoon revolve around such an ambiance. If you get bored of it, find something that excites you both more and be honest with each other about what you really want to do.

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2. Discover the place you are in

Find a tour and go sight seeing, there is something spectacular about visiting ancient places and taking lots of memorable pictures.

3. Make friends

Yes you read correctly, get to know the couple sitting next to you on the tour bus and invite them out for a fun night. Or even after having your alone time, meet your friends in a common city and let them celebrate the newlyweds.

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4. Don't just tan

Embrace the beach activities by going snorkeling or renting some jet skies and have a little friendly competition. You can lounge on the beach and stare at the water later.

5. Visit theme parks

Why not go to Disneyland and relive your childhood memories with your new hubby? Or even head to the nearest amusement park and face your fears. Ride the fiercest roller coaster you can find; it will be an experience you will always remember. 

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6. Head to a water park

If it is a hot day, head to a water park and cool off in the most fun way possible. It will be such a fun thing you can both do together.

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7. Go crazy

Try the craziest thing you can think of, for example sky diving! Do the thrilling jump together, it will be a memorable experience for the both of you. 

8. Go dancing

You don't need a big group of people to go clubbing, put on something sexy and head to the dance floor. Dance some salsa, or even sway to a slow song. 

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9. Try out unique restaurants

Sure Italian is a safe delicious bet, but why not try something unique and undraditional? Something you both haven't tried before. 

10. Head over to a show

Go online and research if there are any concerts or shows happening near you. Go listen to some good music or even watch the coolest Broadway show in town. A stand-up comedy show will also give you a good laugh.

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11. Put your phone away and take off your watch

There is nothing better than enjoying the day without worrying about the time and calling your family. For all you know it could be 2 a.m. and you feel like walking around the city.

12. Do some frisky things in public with your new hubby

The thrill of not getting caught is a lot of fun, and it will also be your dirty little secret.

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13. Can't travel?

You can still enjoy a beautiful honeymoon right where you are, if you can't travel abroad. Find the nearest resort or romantic Airbnb and enjoy your time together celebrating your marriage.

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14. Stuck at home?

If you can't travel or leave the city at all, cosy up at home, take time off work and from everyone you know and make your honeymoon the best staycation ever. Cook together, have plently of sex, cuddle in bed all day and make use of the things you can't do on a regular basis. 

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