When it's time for that special time with your hubby, sometimes a girl's gotta take a step back, look in the mirror and see if there's anything impracticable, unreasonable, or just not sexy that needs to be taken off. Some of us like to accessorize and some of us like our heavy duty makeup, but when it comes to sex, are they a good idea? Not at all. Things can get ugly and even dangerous for your privates and his. So we've a got list of things you can check off before calling your man into the bedroom.

1. Big or scratchy rings

And I think we shouldn't have to explain why this is big no no. 

2. Earrings.

Big earrings and sex don't mix. The hair detangling, the 'ouch, careful my ear!' Avoid ladies.

3. Hair clips.

You can't always be on top, he's gonna want to take the rails at some point and get you on your back. Do you really want to pause the action to take out the hair clips stabbing your scalp?

4. Hair extensions.

Your man could get a little overexcited and grab your luscious long hair. Imagine the horror on his face when his hands come out with your hair extensions. Say goodbye to sex for a while.

5. Granny/Period undies.

These are made for one purpose and one purpose only, that time of the month and maybe, just maybe, your Bikini Lazer appointments. 

6. Nude lingerie.

What's the point ladies? To them, you might as well have nothing on.

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7. Tights.

Stockings are great and sexy and easy to manoeuvre around. However, tights are a different story. Unless he wants to rip them right off, they're really annoying and fussy to have to deal with in the midst of a heated moment. 

8. Embellished undies.

We know they're really cute and special but do you really want foreplay time to end with an injury on his end? Literally! 

9. Lipstick.

Some guys like their gorgeous women in red lip, so try to have it on for the flirting process but once you get to the making out and further steps. Remove it ladies! The mess is unbearable. 

10. Fake nails/Eyelashes.

Some beauty things are just too much for guys to take in. Add sex to that and it will shock and freak them out. Keep it natural during that precious time. 

11. Glasses.

When you're having an intimate moment, you want him to stare into your eyes, not through your glasses. You don't need them when you're this up close and personal with someone.  

Main Image Credits: Instagram @gypsea_lust