WARNING: The upcoming paragraphs can be very harmful to those sensitive to cheesiness and super cute love gestures, if you can't handle the lovey-doveyness, we suggest you read with caution.

Every birthday, valentines and anniversary you face the struggle of what to get your other half. You've bought all the fancy perfumes, jewelery and romantic weekend trips to the beach. So what is there left to do.?Sentimentality is always loved and cherished sometimes even more than materialistic gifts. Here are some gift ideas you can make for your partner the next time you're in need of one.

1. Get something engraved. 

Get his cufflinks or her wallet personalized with engraved initials. This an oldie but a goodie. The gift is a classic that will remain a special thing both of you look back at with affection. 

2. Print out a huge map and pinpoint the place you've been to together.

Print out a huge map and pinpoint the place you've been to together with a picture you took with each there. Hang it in your house and keep adding to it the more you travel together. This is perfect for couples who love traveling and want to see the world together. 

3. Print out something sentimental for both of you.

Like the date of your anniversary, or a quote of something you always say to each other. It could even be your favorite song lyrics. Customize the print and font and frame it. It will be something that will put a smile on your partner's face every time he/she looks at it.

4. Create an album with a timeline of your relationship. 

It could include pictures, cards, quotes and any souvenirs that are meaningful to your relationship. Label each page with the date and write something special about them. This shows appreciation for each moment you've spent together and how much it meant to you. 

5. Create a short video collage of all your special moments together.

Pick your favorite videos and pictures together. Do some basic iMovie editing to put them together in a sequence, and then add 'your song' as background music.