23 Sexy Bridal Lingerie Pieces for an Unforgettable Wedding Night

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7/8/20, 12:00 AM

Picking out your bridal lingerie for your wedding night is quite an important task! To help all brides out, we decided to share with you 23 sexy bridal lingerie pieces, so you can take your husband's breath away, and spend a truly unforgettable wedding night.

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From sultry baby-dolls to flirtatious bodysuits, there are lots of bridal lingerie styles that you can go for. The most important thing to consider, is to choose a bridal lingerie set that makes you feel comfortable and sexy; this will certainly set the mood for an extra special wedding night.

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Now scroll down to see our top picks for sexy bridal lingerie pieces and where to buy them from...

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Bridal Corsets


Corset are unbelievably flattering and sexy. They're great for your wedding night, paired with a garter. Take your time picking the perfect corset for you, that perfectly fits your body and makes you feel incredibly sexy. 

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Bridal Babydolls


Babydolls are a beautiful and safe choice. They feel like as dress and are a dream to sleep in. But don't be fooled, they can be unbelievably sexy as well and there are a crazy amount of designs and different options out there. 

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Deep V-Neck


Is there anything sexier and more seductive than a deep v-neck. It's the perfect Peekaboo and really flattering for both small chests and busty ones. 

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