Every bride's nightmare is to smell bad during the honeymoon, while she’s with her new husband! It’s your first time to live with a man, and it's okay if you feel so anxious about your body. However, we'll help you overcome this concern, because with very simple beauty tips, you can actually smell good all the time during your honeymoon.

1. For your honeymoon, pack more than one deodorant as a backup plan in several suitcases:

You have to spend a month ahead of your honeymoon trying out the best deodorant for your body, if you don’t already have one that you’re sure of. Then, you have to pack like two more in several suitcases, in case one of your luggage items got lost.

2. Make sure you wash your armpits regularly 

 You need to wash your armpits very well every morning and every night before you go to bed, and also before you put on deodorant. If you want to refresh during the day, use baby wipes to wipe your armpits and reapply deodorant.

3. Use baby powder to smell good all honeymoon long:

Just a little bit of baby powder under your armpits before you go to bed will help you smell good the next morning.

4. Spray your perfume and body splash in the right places:

When you spray perfume or body splash, you need to spray it on your wrists, the back of your neck and on your cleavage. Or if you want, you can spray it in the air and walk right through it. And make sure you don’t rub it on your skin, let it sit on your skin and dry gradually; this way your perfume will last longer.

5. Sleep with a different camisole every night:

Sleeping with a fresh and clean camisole every night will help you guarantee a beautiful smell the next morning. For example, if you wear a fresh and clean camisole on one night, wait two more nights to wear it again, and then wash it. Wearing fresh and clean lingerie will always help you keep a good smell during your honeymoon.

6. Pack  a foot spray to smell good on your honeymoon:

This one is not only for you; you’ll be doing your husband a favor too! There’s nothing worse than smelly feet after a long day of walking. If you forget to pack foot spray, soak your feet in some warm water and salt, and you can add some vinegar too, if you have access to it. Do this before you go into the shower, and the smell will go away.

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7. Body lotions, hand cream and scented shampoos should be your best friends:

Invest in a type of body lotion that has a moderate smell, to keep your skin smelling good all day long. Hand creams and shampoos too!

8. Pack an oil-based scent roller-ball in your purse all the time while you’re on your honeymoon:

Oil-based scents are simply amazing, they smell amazing and last for a very long time. They’re pretty small too, so they’ll be easy to pack in whatever purse you’ll hold.

9. Keep your breath smelling great in the morning during your honeymoon:

Put one teaspoon of coconut oil in our mouth and swish it for five minutes, and then brush your teeth very well with a minty toothpaste before you go to bed. We recommend you keep a little box of minty Tic-Tacs next to you, if you’re still afraid of waking up with a bad breath.

10. Keep away from foods that give you a bad body odor:

Foods that contain too many fats, garlic, onion or any strong flavor like Indian food are known to give a bad body odor. Keep away! What you eat easily reflects on your body odor, so if you want to maintain a good body odor, load on water and fresh juices.

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11. Keep your vagina smelling good naturally all honeymoon long:

First, you need to know that your vagina is a very sensitive body area, so whenever you take a shower, don’t put any soap inside, as this won’t change its smell, this will only give you an infection. You should always wash it from the outside only. So keep in mind that whatever natural remedy you’ll use you use, do it the outside only. Here's an effective natural recipe... Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with one big cup of water and wash your vagina with it, it will make the bad odor go away. You should rinse the vinegar after with water very well.