This Is the Right Way to Wear Silicone Bras With Your Evening Dresses

Farida Abdel Malek
6/10/20, 12:00 AM

Silicone bras are almost like every woman's both secret blessing and nightmare. Almost every girl I know has one, but also almost every girl I know complains about them slipping, feeling annoying, and even painful when she's on the dance floor at her friend's wedding.

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Yes, they truly are a lifesaver for evening dresses, especially if you're wearing something backless or with a deep v-neckline. But, do any of us actually know how to wear a silicone bra

Silicone Bra Warnings!

- You shouldn't wear them for more than 5 or 6 hours.

- Make sure you're not allergic to the adhesive and immediately take it off if it causes you irritation. (People with sensitive skin shouldn't try them.)

- And of course, if you're hurt with any open wounds, skin damage, or disorders, don't wear them at all. 

- You have to clean your bra to prevent bacterial and fungal infections (check point #8 below )

- If it gets old and worn out, you should throw it away. It can have leakages, which can be dangerous. So stay on the safe side and replace them regularly. 

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Here's how to apply an adhesive silicone bra properly:

1. Get the right fit

Make sure you get your measured and find the right fit perfect size before you buy it because the size can make a huge difference in how it looks, feels, and stays on. 

2. Clean your breasts

Your natural body oils can affect how it stays on, so make sure you wash and gently dry or dab your breast with a towel. 

3. Keep your breast product free

Don't apply any products to your breasts, especially oils, powders, creams or even perfumes.

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4. Fix the fit

Look and stand straight into a mirror to make sure it's applied correctly and evenly

5. Flip it out!

Flip the cup out and stick on one cup at a time. 

6. Adjust the angles

Fix the angle according to your dress or how you want your breasts to look. You will feel it yourself when you're putting it on and will be able to tell how you want to manipulate the shape.

7. Smooth it

Spread and smooth out the cup to make sure it's even and won't wrinkle under your dress. 

8. Clean it!

Silicone bras and stick on bras catch on to a lot of dirt and sweat, so they have to be cleaned to prevent bacterial growth. 

Tips Via: Clovia

Here's how to clean a silicone bra:

After every time you wear it, clean it with lukewarm water and a mild gentle body wash or shampoo. 

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Here's a video to help show you the right way to wear a silicone bra

The best silicone bras for evening dress and which one to go for...

Here are some various silicone bra designs, types and stick on bra options, depending on your dress, bust, and preferred look.

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Regular silicone bra



These are the normal basic silicone bras, they might not do much for shape or support, but they get the basic job done and have a useful front clip. They also help the shape of your breasts look smooth under your dress. 

Stick on bras for big busts



For larger breasts, you want to find something that will give you more secure support. These are stick on bras with side extensions that will not only give you better hold and support but also feel a lot more comfortable.



Or you can go for a special silicone bra with underwiring to feel even more supported. 

Stick on bras for low cut dresses





These bras a great option for if you're wearing a plunging neckline or a v-neck dress. They're the perfect way to cheat your way into wearing a bra that won't show or compromise your dress or bust shape. 

Push up stick on bras for cleavage


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If you want something to push your breats up for more support and cleavage, this magic bra with strings is your go-to. It gives them a really nice shape.  



There are also cleavage booster bra inserts that you can add to your regular bra to give your breasts a push upwards or to fill in any extra space. 

Marks & Spencer

Lift up silicone bras



There are also special silicone bras that are made with an upward extension to give it a lift and secure its hold. 

Silicone Nipple covers


Marks & Spencer

Let's not forget about nipple covers for those dresses that can't be worn with bras, but still need something to hide the nipples. 

Main Image Credits: Clbxg


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