We no longer have the option to be in large gatherings due to the wide spread of COVID-19 and the social distancing. This has made many brides decide to having their weddings at home with only a few of the closest family in attendance, which means there is a lot of things that need rearranging. Above all, the big wedding gown that you might have wanted for a large wedding reception would no longer be suitable for an at home wedding. Instead, you need to go for simple but gorgeous wedding dresses that would still make you look radiant on your wedding day.

We brought you today a collection of simple wedding dresses that would suit an at home wedding ceremony to inspire you when choosing your wedding dress.

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Simple but Gorgeous Wedding Dresses for at Home Ceremonies

Short wedding dresses

If you want a very chic and simple wedding dress for your at home wedding, you can go for short wedding dresses. Pick between the slightly flared cut or a soft flowy style, both would be perfect. Make sure you pair it with beautiful heels and you can skip the bridal veil.

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Simple long sleeve wedding dresses


If you want to wear a long sleeve wedding dress that is still very simple, then try to pick one with a train or the smooth flowing wedding dresses to show off your figure. It's best if it's either a satin or chiffon dress and without a veil as well, for an elegant and simple bridal look.

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Simple bohemian style wedding dresses


I personally think that the bohemian style is the best suitable for at home weddings. It's usually simple enough, especially if it's for a wedding dress, and it has a variety of styles that you can pick what suits you best. It would be perfect to try a tulle or lace bohemian wedding dress for your bridal look.

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Simple wedding dresses for hijabis


Being a hijabi does not mean you cannot find a simple and elegant wedding dress for your at home wedding. In fact, there are so many amazing styles that you can pick from, that would give you a tasteful and modest bridal look. All you need to do is make sure the headscarf wrap suits the dress.

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For more simple wedding dresses, check out the pictures below: