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Wear Your Favorite White Top Confidently with These Underwear Tips

Salma Khattab
4/13/20, 12:00 AM

How many times did you have to put your favorite white shirt back to your wardrobe because you realized your bra was showing? Numerous times, no? Well, we've all been there, until fashion experts have brought us brilliant solutions. When it comes to white tops, the first thing you probably think of is: a white bra. It's time to know that this is a common mistake since a white bra will show an outline of the chest. Same goes for a white bandeau, etc. Today, I've brought you a list of underwear hacks that you didn't know ever existed!

What to wear under a white top: 

Here's how you can get away with actually not wearing a bra at all!

1. Red bra = Nude bra

Yes, you read right, RED! You probably know the nude bra tip, and how it doesn't show under your clothes if its shade is close to your skin color. However, scientifically speaking, your body has red undertones which makes a red bra with similar undertones to your's blend with your skin color. Just make sure that the red shade you pick doesn't have a pink or purple tint in it i.e. stay away from fuchsia undertones. Dark reds and reds that have burgundy hues are the best for this tip.


Image Credits: H&M

What about white pants? What should we wear under those?

2. Nude one shoulder tank top

This type of tank top or lingerie is not just perfect because it doesn't show under white tops, but it's also a magical solution for one-shouldered blouses, jumpers, shirts, etc.


3. Nude strapless bandeau

This one is a real joker! It works with t-shirts, different dresses, strapless dresses and blouses, off the shoulder tops, and so on! It's flexible, and it adjusts the chest shape in the most comfortable way.


4. Tank tops with a built in bra 

Now, you don't have to worry about a bra and you're safe to wear your white top confidently, your tank top will blend in with your shirt. Just make sure its neckline aligns with your top so you don't see it's outline under your shirt.


If you've just had a c-section, here are the best underwear options for you.

Main image credits: Instagram @styleaddict


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