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How to Style Different Types of Skirts And Which Is Best For Your Body

Mariam Youssef
5/18/23, 3:00 PM

Have you ever worn a skirt and felt like it was making you look too big or too bulky in some areas? Skirts have this magical touch on any woman that makes her look more feminine and attractive only when choosing the right type and fit. When you choose the wrong skirt type that doesn’t match your body figure, you risk making your body proportions unbalanced and unattractive. However, once you identify your body type and know which skirts work best for you, you’ll know how to choose the right skirt. That said, read on to know the different types of skirts and which is best for your body shape.

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Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is one of the most popular types of skirts. If you have an hourglass or rectangular body type, you'll look best in this timeless silhouette. They are made to embrace the body's curves and draw attention to the lower half. For ladies who wish to accentuate their curves or give the appearance of curves, pencil skirts are a terrific option.

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Flared skirt

Flared skirts are perfect for women with hourglass or apple-shaped bodies. They tend to flare out from the waist or thigh, forming a balanced appearance and drawing attention away from the belly. A flare from the knee or mid-thigh area can help give proportion to pear shapes.

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A-Line skirt

A-line skirts are flattering because they flare out nicely from the waist and don’t stick to the hips. Thanks to their flared design, A-line skirts are usually fitted at the waist; therefore, they are shaped using darts or a curving waistband. The choice of the waistband is up to you; it can be high, low, or elasticized. A-line skirts are perfect for pear and apple-shaped bodies.

Circular skirt

The circular skirt is simply cut in a circle, hence the name. The fabric gets attached to a waistband that sits exactly on your waist. The skirt creates a circle when it’s laid flat. Both women with hourglass and pear-shaped bodies can wear this skirt.

Asymmetrical skirt

As the name suggests, asymmetrical skirts are designed with asymmetrical lines formed by the cut of the fabric and the various levels of hems. This shape may be similar to the high-low skirt but it’s different as the latter is more structured. Wear this skirt if you’re slim or need to create the illusion of a wider bottom. This skirt will look great on women with an apple body shape as well.

Pleated skirt

The pleated skirt follows a pattern with a specific size that is followed throughout the entire skirt. It is best to choose synthetic fabrics when making these skirts so that they can be permanently pressed; otherwise, the pleats may fall out when washed. Thanks to the pleats, the skirt adds volume to your bottom area. Wear it if you have a slim or inverted-triangle body shape.

Box pleated skirt

Another variation of pleated skirts is box pleated skirts. Box pleats are made by folding two wide pleats to form the box part of the pleat. The same pattern is followed around the skirt. Usually, box pleated skirts intend to give volume and shape, so you should wear them if you have an inverted-triangle body shape.

Gathered skirt

This skirt is gathered onto a waistband. The skirt’s fullness is determined by the amount of fabric of the skirt that is gathered to fit onto the waistband. This skirt works best for women with rectangular figures.

High/low skirt

Given its name, this skirt has high and low sides. Usually, the front is low and the back is high or longer than the front. Wear this skirt if you’re looking for volume or want your bottom area to look wider, especially if you have an inverted triangle body figure.

Mermaid skirt

A mermaid skirt has a fishtail-like form that is narrow at the waist and hips and flares out above the hem. Your hips will be highlighted by this silhouette, which also provides you with a snatched figure. Wear this skirt if you have an hourglass or rectangle figure.

Peplum skirt

This cute design is extremely flattering on hourglass and rectangle figures as it highlights the bottom half of your body and accentuates the waist, similar to the pencil skirt. The extra skirt attached to it gives it a touch of femininity.

Sarong skirt

If you’re going to the beach, you’ll need a sarong skirt. It wraps around your waist with a tie at the side. It usually shows some skin on one side when you walk thanks to the long slit. However, you can get a wrap skirt instead if you want more coverage.

Wrap skirt

Wrap skirts can be flattering as they wrap around your body and tie at the waist. They surely provide more coverage as there are no slits like the ones on sarong skirts.

Tiered and layered skirt

Tiered skirts consist of joined layers while layered skirts can have the layers free to provide that ruffled look. Thankfully, they’re flattering for several body shapes, especially when the skirt is made with a soft floating fabric like rayon.

Yoke skirt

The yoke effect on the waistband gives the illusion of a slimmer waist. The yolk effect hugs your figure and the gathered skirt is attached to the yolk to complete the beautiful design. Wear this skirt if you have a slim waist and broad shoulders to make your body look balanced.



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