Belly fat is so common and completely normal, regardless of what body shape we have. However,  if you're looking for what to wear to hide belly fat, here's a full guide on how to hide your belly fat with some fashion tips and tricks. Sometimes you feel like embracing your belly and feeling free and other times you feel like hiding it and that's okay too. These fashion tips are simple and easy to do whenever you like. 

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1. Loose tops


Avoid tight clothes over the belly area. If you want to hide your belly, try to wear more loose tops, especially if you're not wearing any other layers.

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2. Layering


Speaking of layering, it works like magic when you need to hide your belly fat. If you wear several layers or add a modern jacket that emphasizes a vertical line, your belly won't be obvious.

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3. Draw the attention elsewhere


Stay away from belts that could emphasize the tummy. How about going for a statement necklace instead that will draw the attention elsewhere? I also recommend picking tops and blouses with details around the upper half of the body (shoulders and neck-line) such as ruffles, embroidery, crystals or studs.

4. Draping


Draping is great. Go for clothes, whether a top or a dress that is draped over the belly area. Frills are also a brilliant idea to hide the belly.

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5. Dark shades


Go for darker colors, I'm not just talking about black, but you can explore a bit more with other dark shades as well. If you like to wear prints and patterns, it's totally fine, just try to keep it simple. 

6. Dresses that hide the belly


Below the knee dresses are always a great idea, but if you're veiled longer gowns or dresses with draped details around the stomach will also be a good choice. Did I mention Kaftans fit perfectly in that case? Whether it's a Kaftan dress on the beach or an evening gown inspired by the traditional Kaftan shape.

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7. Longer tops over pants


Although I'm personally not a big fan of tunics or long tops with pants underneath, they still do wonders when it comes to hiding your belly fat.

8. The material 


A big NO goes out to clingy material, instead go for firmer fabrics that are structured with a little lycra. Pencil skirts perhaps?

9. How to hide belly fat in jeans


When it comes to jeans, pick a mid-rise pair as it sits flat on your stomach. Avoid low-waist jeans which would give a push-up effect to your belly and hence highlighting the belly.

10. Shapewear and bags


Shape-wear holds up the tummy and you can wear anything you like on top of it. Also oversized bags is subtle but smart trick. Why? Basically, oversized bags help focus the attention elsewhere.

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