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Create Amazing Vacation Outfits Without Packing Too Many Clothes

Mariam Youssef
5/7/23, 9:00 AM

It’s getting hot and it’s time for a nice break. If you’re planning a vacation soon, you may need to do a few things in advance to ensure that everything goes according to plan. One of the things that can be overwhelming when planning a vacation is packing! It’s a daunting task that requires time, effort, and concentration. That’s why we want to help a little with the whole packing process. We know you want to look like a diva on the beach and rock awesome outfits, but your bag isn’t that big or you don’t want to carry a heavy one.

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That said, we’ll show you how to create amazing vacation outfits while packing fewer clothes, so keep reading.

Count the days

The first thing you want to do is to count the days of your vacation and pack only for half of them. Yes, you read it correctly! For example, if your vacation is two weeks, pack for only one week. It’s okay to wear the same outfit twice; believe us, no one will notice except you.

Count your clothes

Once you decide on the items you want to pack, lay them down on the bed and start counting them. You may find that the items you chose are too many, so you can then start taking some out. Six shirts, three skirts, and four pairs of pants, for example, are a lot when it comes to a two-week vacation.

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Bring pieces that work with other pieces

The key to packing fewer clothes is to choose joker pieces that work well with other pieces. White shirts and T-shirts, neutral-color tops, and black sweaters can pretty much work with everything. When it comes to choosing buttons, go for jeans, white or black pants (or both), or a color that goes with the rest of your clothes. This mix-and-match technique will help you create several outfits while packing fewer clothes.

White shirt outfits

Style your white shirt with jeans for casual day looks or pair it with a pair of beige pants to create a more sophisticated look. For a feminine and elegant look, style it with a skirt of your choice. But make sure to choose a skirt that can be styled with different items like tiger skirts.

Black T-shirt outfits

Apply the same strategy when styling your black T-shirt. It goes perfectly with a pair of jeans and can work brilliantly with an animal-print skirt. If you like, you can bring black pants and create an all-black outfit. You can also layer your white shirt on top of your black top if the weather is a bit chilly.

Beige pant outfit

Beige pants are wild cards because they can go with everything! In addition to styling it with a white shirt, you can pair it with white or black T-shirts or choose a colorful top to create a unique look that will make you stand out.

Tiger skirt outfits

Since you’re going to pack an animal-print skirt, here’s how to style it with the items you’re going to bring with you. 

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Check the weather before packing

Even if you’re heading to a tropical destination or a hot country, it’s still wise to check the weather for the duration of your stay. Some hot countries have chilly weather at night that requires extra layers. You’ll be making a mistake if you don’t check the weather beforehand because you risk getting cold when you could’ve just packed a trench coat. The opposite can happen as well. If you’re heading to a chilly destination, on the days of your vacation, the weather may actually be hot. So the point is you should check the weather and be prepared.

Make a packing list

We speak for most of us when we say that making a packing list is the most fun thing in this whole process (aside from enjoying the actual vacation). You can find a ready packing list on the internet that can help you. However, you may want to create your own to include everything you may need on your vacation. Make sure you do this list at least two weeks before you travel to ensure that you got everything you need in place.

Pack easy-to-clean items

Since you’re not going to pack too many items, it is best to choose the ones that are easy to clean. It is possible that your clothes may get stained by saucy food or melting ice cream on a hot summer day. Bringing easy-to-clean items will help you get them all nice and clean so you can wear them again whenever you want.

Two pairs of shoes

One of the smartest decisions you can do on a vacation is to bring only two pairs of shoes. Bring a casual pair for your casual day outfits and another for dressy outings. The ultimate choice can be a pair of white sneakers and black heels. Moreover, you can pair your heels with a casual outfit to create a chicer outfit.

The following tips may not be relevant to fashion, but they will make your vacation a breeze

Don’t bring many toiletries

Items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, brushes, and deodorant are essential. However, you will unlikely need shaving cream, hair spray, or a razor. Take only the necessary items that you will absolutely need. Furthermore, you don’t need to bring shampoo, soap, or a towel, especially when you’re going to a hotel that will likely provide these items for free.

Take only the necessary makeup

The same strategy applies to makeup tools and products. Less is more. Bring only one lipstick shade that goes with all your outfits and maybe liner and mascara. It is best not to cram your suitcase with items you may not need, especially when your vacation is short.

Weigh the suitcase

This tip will help you a great deal, especially if you’re traveling on a plane or don’t like to carry heavyweight bags. Airports usually have a free limited number of kilos you’re allowed to carry. You may pay extra money for extra kilos. Avoid spending more money and wasting your time by weighing your suitcase before leaving to ensure that you’re safe. Furthermore, it’s better to travel lightweight so you don’t get tired from carrying your heavy bag around everywhere.

Now that you know the most important tips that will help you create more outfits with fewer clothes, it is time to get inspired. Check out the gallery for vacation outfit inspirations.



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