A List of Everything You Need to Pack for a One Day Trip

Farida Abdel Malek
4/2/18, 12:00 AM

With spring break coming up, we barely have time to plan in detail, fully ahead of time for a long trip. With everyone having busy months of work, short, quick, and spontaneous day trips are what many people are going for.

Your friend wants you packed lightly and out of the door in an hour, what do you pack for a short road trip and a one night stay at a place just outside the city?

This packing list is for you to open up the next time you're stuck with time and in need of a quick tight pack:

1. A moderate amount of snacks for the road.

2. 2 outfit options besides the one you have on, and if you're going somewhere near a beach or a pool, you'll need a swimsuit of course. Oh! and don't forget underwear and Pajama's.

3. Towels, try to pick thin ones that are easy to fold.

4. This is the time where you pull out those empty and tiny, travel-friendly bottles, fill them up with all the toiletries you must have with you.

5. If you don't feel like packing a cleanser or makeup remover, you may be excused to use makeup wipes just for one day. (PS: I will not be held accountable for that piece of advice)

6. Don't pack a lot of makeup, you won't end up using any. Just take a mascara, concealer, and lipstick, if you end up going out at night.

7. Tooth brush and toothpaste.

8. Sunglasses and a spare one.

9. Electronics, chargers, a speaker, headphones and your phone obviously... I've learned that the hard way.

10. Deodorant, It's almost summer, come on people.

11. Sunscreen, now normally I would say this shouldn't leave your handbag. In this scenario, it is not an option for you to leave this one behind!

12. Hair stuff, brush, ties, and pins.

13. Dry Shampoo, if you decide to ditch the shower.

14. Flipflops / Shoes.

15. I usually don't leave the house without this one but please get some essential Meds with you, just in case there aren't any pharmacies nearby.

I know this might sound a lot, but when you actually start packing it could fit in a small carry on or a big backpack.

TIP: Before you even start packing, share with your friends what you'll each be getting so you don't end up having similar things and taking up more space.

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