Create at least 5 Different Outfits Using The Same Piece of Clothing
Mariam Youssef
2/12/23, 5:00 PM

Whenever you go on a shopping spree, you should know that every single piece of clothing can create several outfits. So, you don’t need plenty of clothes to satisfy your inner fashionista. Your white coat, for example, can work with plenty of items in your wardrobe, creating several beautiful outfits. That said, we’ll show you how to create 5 outfits or more using the same piece of clothing, so keep reading.

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Floral Blouse

With tailored pants

Your floral blouse probably has 3-4 colors, so you can pair it with tailored pants of your choice that matches any of these colors. For example, pair pink pants with your floral blouse if it has the same color included.

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With leather pants

Instead of wearing tailored pants, you can always go for leather pants, especially in the winter, to keep you warm and provide you with an elegant appearance. Your black leather pants can pretty much work with all your floral blouses, but it doesn’t hurt anyone to wear colorful leather pants for a change.

With jeans

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Because jeans are the magical piece of clothing that works with literally everything, they would also be perfect with your floral blouse, especially if you’re aiming for a casual or smart casual look. Moreover, you can always dress up or down your outfit with your choice of accessories and jewelry.

With a skirt

To elevate your look and make it more feminine, you can always opt for a skirt to style with your floral blouse. You can always wear a skirt of the same color as the blouse or you can alternatively use the color wheel and choose an opposite color, such as yellow and blue.

With cardigans or coat

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Whether you’re wearing pants or a skirt with your floral blouse, you can also add a top layer for extra warmth, such as coats or cardigans. Your choice of the top layer can completely transform your outfit, making it more elevated and cute.

Summer Dress

With a blouse underneath

If you have a satin dress, you can wear a turtleneck underneath for a cute preppy look. You can also wear a nice white shirt underneath your summer dress for more coverage or warmth.

As a skirt

Use your dress as a skirt by layering a sweater or a shirt on top. You can leave them as is or you can tuck your sweater underneath a belt for a different look. However, if you choose to wear a shirt, you can tie both ends and make a cute bow in the middle.

As a blouse

If you like the top of your dress and want to show it off, you can wear a skirt on top of your dress and make the top look like a unique blouse. If your dress is short, you can also tuck it into your pants, and trust us, nobody is going to know or notice.

With a leather jacket

For edgy, cool vibes, pair your summer dress with a leather jacket and boots to complete the entire look. A leather coat can also be an excellent addition to your long summer dress for a classier look.

With a denim jacket

Denim never fails to add its special touch to any outfit. Denim jackets in specific can make your entire look extremely cute and attractive. Moreover, it can make you warmer, especially in the fall when it’s chilly yet not too cold.

As is

Summer is a few months away, so you’ll be free again to wear your summer dress alone as is to enjoy its breathable fabric and move freely in hot weather.

Graphic T-Shirt

With a blazer

One of the most unique looks you can go for to elevate your simple graphic tee is styling it with a blazer. Not only will your entire outfit look amazing, but it will also make your look more mature.

With a leather jacket

The ultimate edgy look can be achieved by combining two things: a leather jacket and a graphic tee. You can style this combo with leather pants, a midi skirt, or jeans and you’ll rock any of them equally.

With a pleated shiny skirt

Because graphic tees are fun, adding another fun, attractive piece makes this look extra awesome. Pair a midi pleated shiny skirt with a black graphic tee for the ultimate cool look. Add an ankle boot to take this outfit to a whole new level.

With printed patterns

If you like controversial, bold looks, you can also style your graphic tee with animal-printed pants or skirts. The combination of two patterns can make you achieve an edgy, cool look and surely will satisfy your inner trendy fashionista.

With a shirt

Layer a casual shirt on top of your graphic tee for a laid-back look and pair them with jeans or black pants. You can also pair them with a leather skirt for a feminine look, and if you’re cold, you can always layer a coat or a bulky denim jacket on top.

The same strategy can be applied to several pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Use your imagination and watch a lot of styling videos to understand the art of styling. Now, which piece do you style the most in your wardrobe?

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