What happened at the Pink Run in Mall of Egypt?
Jasmine Kamal
10/31/22, 3:30 PM

Although running is a very popular sport that has well-known benefits, many of us may not be very keen on it. So, when we were invited to the Pink Run held by Mall of Egypt in collaboration with Baheya Foundation and organized by Cairo Runners and Move Egypt, we were curious and had plenty of questions to know how people would respond to this invitation, and the answer was amazing!

First, let us introduce you to the Pink Run…

Last Friday, October 28, Mall of Egypt – in collaboration with Baheya Foundation, Cairo Runners and Move Egypt – held a run aimed at supporting breast cancer fighters, and they called it the Pink Run because the color pink represents breast cancer awareness.

Participation in this run did not require much except for online registration that was free of charge, some fitness, and being present at Mall of Egypt at 8 AM But the most important thing was the real devotion to support and raise awareness.

So, what happened at the Pink Run?

When we arrived at The Plaza area, where the run is being held, the view was amazing and the overall vibe was joy and happiness as nearly 1,500 young women and men, gathered in one place to participate in the run, which ranged between 2-4 km in length. They were all wearing blue and pink with their registration numbers on their T-shirts. They started warming up with Move Egypt and Cairo Runners directing to some heart-pounding music and then set off on a very cheerful scene.

Moreover, during that time, Baheya Foundation distributed pink pins that have the foundation’s logo as a reminder to conduct periodic breast cancer screenings. This was a simple and important gesture at the same time because wearing this pin will make you remember that you must check on your health from time to time.

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What else did the initiative include?

The most important thing is that this initiative not only depended on the run, in which thousands participated, but it also allowed Baheya Foundation to place a dedicated booth inside the Mall of Egypt until the end of October. This will help the foundation to collect donations for the hospital to contribute to the treatment of breast cancer fighters, which is a great opportunity to encourage the mall’s visitors to donate and remind them of the need for periodic breast cancer screenings.

During the event, Baheya Foundation drew attention to the opening of its newest hospital, located in Sheikh Zayed City, which will provide a great opportunity to receive and treat a larger number of breast cancer patients.

What about the collaboration between Majid Al Futtaim and Baheya Foundation?

While we were there, we felt how the collaboration between Majid Al Futtaim and Baheya Foundation looks honorable and will make a big difference during this period, and it seems that what we felt was right…

Rasha Azab, Managing Director, West Region Shopping Malls at Majid Al Futtaim – Properties commented, “We couldn’t be more proud to have joined forces with an organization that is ultimately at the forefront of alleviating the suffering of and providing a healthier future for thousands of women across the country. At Majid Al Futtaim, we are thrilled to have brought this partnership to life and inspired our community through a shared purpose and sentiment of making a real difference.”

Laila Salem, Baheya’s granddaughter and a member of the Board of Trustees, also said, “We are always keen to participate in such events because of their charitable goals that benefit the community and support Baheya’s fighters, in addition to the fact that running is a key sport when it comes to protecting one’s health. This, in turn, serves Baheya’s message in raising awareness of the importance of early detection and treatment of breast cancer, as well as supporting the health of Egyptian women in general.”

She continued, “Baheya remains committed to eliminating waiting lists. Currently, we are working on installing the equipment at Baheya Sheikh Zayed, the soon-to-open hospital that aims to welcome nearly half a million women annually. We are extremely grateful for the role Baheya’s supporters can play in helping us complete this facility, in order to continue supporting with early detection and treatment of every woman without waiting lists, providing the best service in terms of excellence and international medical standards.”

Finally, it is great to see these campaigns and initiatives from time to time that are conducted with a high level of professionalism and organization aimed at raising awareness for a good cause. The more we educate a larger generation of young people, the fewer risks there will be in the future, so we hope to see more of these initiatives from now on … Thank you Mall of Egypt and Baheya Foundation!

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