The Aquarius man. The king of independence, and intelligence. He's also a humanitarian and is really friendly, but he can be unpredictable and stubborn. How to attract a Aquarius man? When it comes to love, he is playful and loves excitement. He likes his space and isn't quick to commit but can with the right person and balance in the relationship. There is definitely a romantic side to him. Let's get to know more about the Aquarius man and love...

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How to attract a Aquarius man: 

1. An Aquarius man loves creativity. Enjoy that side of him and you together. You can also use it as a means to surprise him and keep things exciting. 

2. In the beginning he like things a little mysterious. Like someone who'll give a little mysterious gaze from across the table or room. 

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3. Because Aquarius men love creativity, they love to see colors and uniqueness in someone's style. Changing things up and rocking something that will surprise them could be a winner.

4. As a humanitarian, he will be really attracted to someone who's selfless and passionate about helping others and the world as well. 

5. An Aquarius man loves fun and creating memories together, so he wants a friend in his partner. It is always a good way to start things out with a beautiful friendship or keep friendship as a basis in the relationship.

6. An Aquarius man isn't quick to commit and doesn't like to be pushed. He likes his space and freedom and needs some time. That's why starting with a friendship really works for him.

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7.  Drama and jealousy don't sit well with Aquarius men. They deal better when things are handled with logic. 

8. Positivity is key. They fear negativity and so they want to be with someone who will help stay positive and hopeful.

9. An Aquarius man likes someone with an open mind and is willing to accept and try different things.

10. After a while, and a bit of mystery, he will be interested to see someone be completely and openly themselves. He will love the interesting and deep conversations, as well as getting to know someone on another level. 

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