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Things to Consider About Posting Your Relationship on Social Media

Fustany Team
11/19/20, 12:00 AM

Social media has unfortunately become both a dark and positive place for so many people. It has 2 very different sides that affect us in 2 very different ways. For a lot of people it has become an outlet for them to share their troubles and bring them comfort, but when it comes to posting your relationship on social media, venting about your problems with your partner or just sharing your love, what is the negative impact of social media on relationships? Or does it have a positive impact? Like a way to heal from hurt, move on or a powerful way to express your love?

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Our understanding of privacy has changed massively over the years and people have had a long debate on what is 'right' or 'wrong' to share on their social media platforms. The thing is there is no such thing as right or wrong. People deal differently with things, but how can social media affect a relationship or your private life

1. Sharing the love

A lot of us find it extremely moving to see a romantic post about one's partner and how much they love them with a beautiful picture of a kiss. However, as beautiful as it is, it can sometimes lead said couple to feel pressure within their lives to live up to that edited picture perfection. Life isn't always perfect and as much as you try, there are always ups and downs. Feeling like you want to always sustain that image of perfection for people to see can sometime affect what's really important which is working on your relationship between yourselves. It's more important and on the longterm more powerful and effective than how your relationship is viewed by others. 

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2. Posting personal problems on social media and fighting 

Venting, expressing your frustration about something or hinting at someone who's done you wrong has become a language in and of itself on many platforms, especially places like Twitter. People find comfort in others sharing with them their pain or understanding exactly what they're going through. However, words left to linger somewhere on the internet can be hard to forget or take back, just like saying something out of anger in the moment to your partner. Not only that, but sometimes there ends up being a back and forth public fight between the couple on social media which can get really dangerous and hard to recover from. Maybe this is what they needed to feel heard or understood, but for others that anger could have been resolved or dealt with a lot more easily in private or if the argument or forms of expression were exchanged in person. Of course people are different and not everybody is capable of doing that...

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3. One of them doesn't believe in sharing your life on social media

There's nothing wrong with expressing your joy or how proud you are of your relationship. Relationships are hard work and they're really special, so we all get the feeling that we want to scream at the top of our lungs just how happy we are or how much we love them. Some people also love to share the little things and daily snippets of their lives with their partners.

This, however, can become a problem if one of them doesn't feel the same way about privacy or sharing their life on social media. The other person might not like having their private moments being shared, even if it's among a selected group of people. They could have a different perspective or view on things and this can cause disagreements between them. What could be done here is finding a middle ground or understanding why one wants to share and the other doesn't. This is important so that they can respect the other person's privacy and find a compromise or understanding. 

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4. Where should we draw the line? 

The thing is no one can tell you where the line should or shouldn't be drawn. It's completely relative and depends on what you're comfortable with and what's better for your mental health and your relationships health. Communication is important and staying conscious of the reality of the relationship, having boundaries and not letting social media or what people think affect your relationship is crucial. So you draw your own line.

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