The Sagittarius man. The king of adventure, optimism, deep thinking and straightforwardness. When it comes to love, he's flirtatious, playful and curious. He doesn't have a specific type and as a partner he can have 2 very different sides to his lifestyle. So, how to attract a sagittarius man? Well it's something along the lines of honesty, openness about what's on your mind, confidence and staying true to who you are. Let's get to know together how to attract a sagittarius guy...

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How to attract a sagittarius man: 

1. He's adventurous and always curious to try new things, with or without someone. He would really appreciate someone joining in on the fun, bringing them closer together. Get to know his interests. 

2. He can be really drawn to positivity because he's an optimistic guy. If there's a positive twist on things and he's with someone who brings joys and light to their days together, he will really appreciate it. 

3. Bring in a little mystery. Sagittarius men find it attractive. Unveil your personality and who you are to him, but slowly and gradually. This could excite him. 

4. But also honesty is very important to him. A Sagittarius man appreciates someone who can always tell the truth and is open and honest about their thoughts and who they are. 

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5. Sagittarius men love flirting but also love to be flirted with. They love it when the other person is showing how they feel. They love that exciting and fun playfulness, especially when there's a bit of humor in there too. 

6. Speaking of humor...They love being funny and laughing. They love someone with a great sense of humor. He want someone who'll make him laugh.

7. We talked about his love for adventure, so, of course travel is huge for a Sagittarius man. A travel companion...even better. He's spontaneous with his travels and he'll love that about his partner too. Maybe surprise him with a trip?

8. Sagittarius men love perfumes and exotic scents. They also appreciate a natural, effortless look and are attracted to confidence. 

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9. It's clear that Sagittarius men love to enjoy life. So drama isn't their thing. They want things light and as positive as possible. They appreciate when things are handled, of course, with a sense of humor and logically. 

10. He also likes to have deep philosophical conversations and will appreciate hanging out with someone that entices his mind and enjoys those interesting conversations. 

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