You probably know at least one person who's a Sagittarius, and he/she is most likely a special one. If you are heavily into astrology, then you know a lot about this fiery, free sign. But for those who may know nothing when it comes to signs, getting the perfect gift for your Sagittarian lover, friend or relative can be a quite stressful mission. No matter what they might represent to you, it is crucial to consider these 6 aspects when gifting the Sagittarius in your life.

1. Adventure-oriented gift

They LOVE adventure. That's why booking a plane to a new destination seems to be the ideal gift. However, if you're on a less budget that affording flight tickets, you can offer a new adventure without travelling. You can go on a picnic in a new place, have an air-balloon ride, or make a photography session in a river cruise! Taking them to an Escape Room would also be a fantastic idea, where they'll enjoy working collaboratively with others to solve a crime. If it won't be possible that you share the adventure with them, you can simply buy them anything that is adventure related such as cute luggage, a new pair of hiking boots or a backpack. Adventure is not only by traveling or camping, by the way! Board games can give them a mental adventure, so you can get them one.

2. Reading gift

Sagittarius signs are usually very good and keen readers. You can get them a travel book or a book with a unique artwork. Also, why not consider inviting them to a book-release discussion in some famous library? Things like bookmarks, notebooks and other stationary stuff that may have a cool design will also steal your mate's heart, so consider gifting them one!

3. Food

The restaurant doesn’t have to be fancy at all. You just need to make sure it has a nice atmosphere, lively people and amazing food. This is one of the best gifts a Sagittarius could ever receive, especially if you take them somewhere to try some new cuisine. For them, it's a memorable adventure! They enjoy experiencing new food a lot just like they enjoy a mountain adventure! However, if you wish to take your special gift to the next level, think of creating a thoughtful meal from the comfort of your own kitchen, and you'll be amazed by how they will be grateful. You’re welcome.

4. Massage

While they may display an aura of confidence, they do love deeply and are always helping someone.That's to say, they give so much of themselves to the world that they almost neglect taking care of themselves. They will appreciate it a lot if they find someone do it for them or in other words: taking care of them. Book them a massage session and let them know you care for their comfort. It’s literally and figuratively the way to convey, “I got your back.”

5. Gift Cards 

And because they always, always look for the meanings in everything they get, a gift card is something they expect to accompany any gift they receive. As trivial as it may seem, a card with some warm sweet words will melt a Sagittarius' heart. Thus, do yourself a favor and don't forget to attach a nice gift card to your gift to make your present a flawless one.

Main image credits: Instagram @selenagomez