The Sagittarius Man: Personality, Compatibility and Love
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12/4/22, 1:20 PM

How is the Sagittarius man like? Do you know the saying “Not all those who wander are lost?” Well, that’s how he is. The Sagittarius man is always looking to meet new people, obtain knowledge, and gets excited by new and unknown things, and if he ever feels trapped, he’ll leave without looking back.

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The Sagittarius man is very fun and has an adventurous side, but also has a high level of deepness, which is clear from his philosophical way of thinking and the conversations he enjoys getting into.

The Sagittarius man is a logical thinker, who spends too much thinking. He loves traveling, and is intellectual and confident.


November 22 - December 21



Compatibility with Sagittarius: 

Gemini and Aries

Not Compatible with Sagittarius: 

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn

Best Characteristics of the Sagittarius: 

Optimistic, Straightforward, Adventurous and Generous

Worst Traits of the Sagittarius: 

Careless, Overconfident, Inconsistent, Bored Easily and Restless

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Sagittarius Man in Love and Relationships

The Sagittarius man never misses a target he sets his eyes on due to his flirtatious and playful side. He likes being in control and his curiosity is what drives him to meet different types of women.

The Sagittarius man likes to first understand what the definition of love is before he falls into it. He has two sides as a lover: the exciting one where he would take you to cloud nine, and the second one where he acts like a partner in an old married couple, which for him resembles the reality of how love and having a relationship is like. Be ready for a roller-coaster ride.

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The Sagittarius man is very straightforward and appreciates a brave partner who has the courage to share what’s on her mind bluntly. His partner might want him to express his feelings more often, but that’s not how it works with the Sagittarius man as his nature prevents him from making such emotional statements frequently.

Sagittarius Man in Sex

Sagittarius men enjoy flexibility, so they're often open to experimenting with new sex positions, kinks, or toys. They aren't scared to suggest anything or take the initiative, but they appreciate it when you do so and are clear about what you need.

Sagittarius Man in Marriage

Sagittarians make excellent husbands.  Their relationship with their spouse is greatly strengthened by the fact that they are incredibly kind and understanding with their spouse. Since Sagittarius is a very rational and understanding sign, it is simpler for their partner to be open with them during a marriage.

Sagittarius Man in Fatherhood

Once he gets used to the notion, the Sagittarius father does his duties and responsibilities with care and attention. He is a peaceful, calm, and down to earth man. He is delightful to be around and loves family time since he understands that it is far more essential than spending money on kids.

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Sagittarius Man in Work

The Sagittarius man needs to be challenged at work or else he’ll eventually lose interest. New ideas and especially tasks that require taking a completely different path are a great fit.

The Sagittarius man wears many hats at work, he’s highly idealistic and you’ll always find him helping or guiding others at his workplace as they highly value his opinion and tend to trust him due to his honest nature.

How to Get a Sagittarius Man:

1. Be open to change and trying out new things.

2. Be patient and reveal things about yourself one by one; be mysterious.

3. Always tell the truth.

4. Challenging him is always a good idea.

5. A love for travel and new experiences is always an added value.

6. Sagittarius men love flirty women, but do it subtly.

7. Getting clingy is a big no.

8. Look your best.

9. Put your favorite perfume and cream before you head out with the Sagittarius man.

10. Confidence in the way you look and how you carry yourself is important.

11. Don’t change yourself for him.

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