The Scorpio man the king of passion, loyalty, mystery and secrects. He's also very jealous and a bit controlling but determined and ambitious. But what attracts a scorpio man? When it comes to love, adventure and an emotional connection excite him. Let's get to know more about how to attract a Scorpio man...

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How to attract a scorpio man: 

1. Trust and honesty are extremely valuable to him. It is important to show him he can trust you and that you're loyal. 

2. Sexiness and playfulness are very important to him. He's a big believer in foreplay and so you can bring out your flirty side and he's be all about that passion. 

3. Share your views and opinions. A good part of his personality is accepting other people's opinions, so be honest about yours. He'll be curious and interested in what you think. 

4. Patience is key. He's an intense person so balancing that out with patience will help. Take time, as much as you can, to think and asses things before you react or get pissed off. 

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5. He's all about intensity and passion, even when it comes to conversation and an emotional connection. He will love if you share with him your emotional secrets and delve into deep conversations. 

6. He might want you to open up but it takes him a while to do that himself. Understand him and trust that will happen naturally but don't force him into it. 

7. Like we mentioned he's a very ambitious person and so he find ambition sexy. Show him that side of your personality, flaunt your confidence, achievements and share your ambitions with him. 

8. He really cares about getting your full attention. When you're together try to focus on that and leave your phone or any distractions from the conversations andconnection. Also make eye contact. 

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9. A Scorpio Man also likes a bit of mystery. It keeps him excited and interested, so before you share your emotional secrets with him like we said above, you could add a flair a mystery to things and keep him guessing.

10. Show him you interested and attracted to him, but in a slightly subtle way. Remember, he likes mystery, but he will also find it really sexy that you're showing signals or body language of being attracted to him. 

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