The Virgo man is the king of details. He's extremely observant, sees the little things and appreciates the simple things. He's organized, practical but very sensitive. So, how to attract a Virgo man? When it comes to relationships, he's reserved and likes to take his time, but he's also very caring and able to compromise. There are a couple of things about his personality that might be of interest to you. Here's what Virgo men find attractive...

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How to attract a Virgo man:

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1. A Virgo Man loves 'realness'. He wants openness and honestly. He's not attracted to those who hide behind a facade. Be you, truly and openly.

2. He really appreciates thoughtfulness. If he notices that you really listen and appreciate him, it will mean a lot to him. The more he realizes how much you know him and understand him, the closer he'll feel to you. 

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3. He really values his time so he really appreciates punctuality and manners a lot. He likes when people respect his time and are conventional. 

4. A Virgo man seeks simplicity and minimalism. Wether with the date nights or overall lifestyle. He's sensitive, so he seeks calmness and relaxation in everything. 

5. He's also really into organization and a tidy space and life. Organized environment = organized mind. 

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6. Virgos like to take things slow or at their own pace. Be subtle and gradual with your flirtation. However, he appreciates a show of attention and care, start subtly. 

7. He likes to enjoy life. For him the process and journey are just as important, if not more important, than the destination. He seeks a partner that loves to learn from life and enjoy the ride. 

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8. He loves cosying up at home, he's not really big on public spaces, so try to spend more time with him in places he's comfortable in. He will really appreciate a night in with a home cooked meal and a deep intelligent conversation.

9. A Virgo man really cares about how supportive his partner or friend is. Sometimes insecurities can get the best of him, so he appreciates when someone believes in him and is encouraging. 

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10. He really loves a good sense of humor. But his sense of humor is really dry. Irony and sarcasm appeal to him. If you have a witty and clever sense of humor, he'll find you hilarious. 

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